Cheshire cat

Started by DaisyDuck, September 27, 2016, 11:16:45 PM

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That's a pretty decent waiting time indeed. We're probably not gonna make it to the park for Halloween, so hopefully Cheshire will be around the coming months or next year for the 25th anniversary too.
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Fingers crossed you get to meet him.

Was talking to a lady in line today for another character and she said she got there in line before Cheshire Cats' line was due to shut but he went in then 2 mins later come back again and she only waited 20 minutes.

Cheshire doesnt have a photo pass photographer which speeds things up.
I waited one hour and 10 mins for Halloween Mickey and Minnie today. They had a photopass photographer with them. I think that slows the line down.

You just never know how long you will wait.


Indeed, the waiting time is doable for Cheshire Cat. I got in line last Saturday when he was already out (got there around 11:30?) and waited 45 minutes to see him. Received three bags of candy whilst waiting in line. ;)

They keep the line moving by allowing pictures only; NO autographs. So your time with Cheshire is short but very, very sweet. Heads up: there is no PhotoPass photographer, but the cast member will try his/her best with your mobile phone camera.
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Is he still about ? Met him last oct would love to meet again.


Quote from: DaisyDuck on March 11, 2017, 01:15:31 PM
Is he still about ? Met him last oct would love to meet again.

I think he was just out for the month of October.

Ultra rare!