Texas rooms

Started by glenn, April 18, 2016, 09:54:38 AM

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Disneyland Paris treasures have put photos of the newly decorated Texas rooms at the Cheyenne hotel.
They are based on toy story,s woody,they look very nice,but no bunk beds.


They do.
I'm a bit confused about the fold away bed, does this mean the room is only for 2-3 people max? Or will the fold away be two singles?
The changes are subtle which is good because personally I wasn't too keen on it being themed as Toy story I just liked the cowboy theme but that's just me. We prefer the bunk beds in the room, it adds to the atmosphere.
Its nice to see USB chargers in the room as well as sockets, a UK socket  would have been nice but you can't have everything I suppose  :) The room also looks brighter.


Does anyone know if they are doing away with the bunk beds entirely? If so, we won't be able to stay in a Disney hotel again.
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