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Started by A&S&O, November 24, 2015, 12:29:05 PM

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DLPWonders (Banned)

Price for the 3rd package is 700€
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For anyone interested package prices have been reduced!!! The price is now 49 pounds for the base package, 70 pounds for the package with 2 fastr passes and special poster or OR 61 for the higher package with cinema ticket for the midnight screening. Weird its actually cheaper with the cinema ticket. Also special guest bona get (the actor) , death Vader (character) and Chewbacca (character) some sort for storm trooper display...... It looks really good. Fearsome from Disneyland Paris. Co. UK under things to do-events


Hi Polarvixen, thanks for this info... I'm a little confused, I can't find the new info on the site? Where are the new prices? It seems to think that you can only book the third package if you do it with a hotel package etc?  I'm looking at

polar vixen

first off apologies for my atrocious predictive text when I write.  second details were on disneyland Paris. co. uk then things to do- events.  I phoned up for the prices and added it to my booking


Ah ok thanks. Yes that's where I was looking but there weren't prices other than the £49 one. I may well phone them up and ask then - I'm due to be paid a lump sum in the next week so may well get there after all... :D


Annoyingly I got paid 2 days too late!  :'( However, I still managed to take my kids to see the film on the first day and I've gotta say we weren't disapointed!  ;D

So did anyone actually go, and was it good? Worth the money? Of course, I'll be a little jealous, but I'm curious! ;)  ::)


There were lots of people in costumes waiting to get into Discoveryland, and even more making their way there as we were leaving on Wednesday night. So, it seems it was popular.
We did speak to one woman the following day who'd attended with her family. She said it was very overpriced, but I don't think the event was aimed at her.
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polar vixen

We went great highs and massive lows for us sadly. The event itself.... Crowded and amazing.  loads of activities. Loads of things going on. Theming was fantastic. They'd done a brilliant job with the night itself. Sadly for us.... Communication was terrible. When we checked in on the Tuesday at hotel we were given tickets that looked like normal park passes and told here are your tickets. On the wed night we were leaving cafe Hyperion before the event started and my 16 year old daughter went to take our 6 year old son who has asd to the toilet. We arranged to meet outside the cafe where we would then wait to enter. We waited and waited.... Wondering where they'd gone but didn't have phones with us to get in touch. Staff start telling us we have to leave and we try to explain that we have to wait for her or wont have a chance of finding her and show or tickets for the event. Only to be told these aren't the proper tickets and what we have to do  is go to the park entrance at which point we'll get a wrist strap. So my husband waits behind and I take  baby and two others sons who both have special needs back to the entrance. We approach a cast member who send us to a table where they are giving out the wrist straps and promised lanyards no sign of pins or posters though. The table says no we have to leave the park and ree enter. So we walk towards a exit gate. Less than a metre away that cast member shuts the door and says we have to walk to the exit at the other side. By this point I'm getting exasperated and boys are thoroughly confused. So we walk around through crowds and ree enter. Only to have yet another battle because even though I have the tickets they don't want to give me the wrist straps for my family members who aren't there. also still no pins out posters and no one seems to know anything about them. Making it back to thindiscovery land entrance I find my hubby and daughter. Turned out she'd been told toilets were closed and sent to ones on main street but then they wouldn't let her back in to discovery land to get to us so she'd been waiting outside. Parade of star wars characters runs and and is very cool..... Then you have thousands of people trying to enter that tiny discovery land entrance. It was a real bottle neck crowd.... And no disabled entrance and no cast members who cared. When id booked tickets id had them check we could definitely use my son's pass and assured that we could. So we hung back for thirty minutes and went in with the last of the crowd. Sadly for my 6 year old it was just too much by this point. We tried to meet Chewbacca but he was now in complete shutdown so I had to leave with it the youngest while hubby and older two who were going to the cinema stayed. I went and complained at city hall not because the event was bad although you didn't get the freebies mentioned on the website or by the Disney call centre when booking but because of the terrible communication. All they'd have had to do is tell us when they gave us the tickets the day before: you need to leave the park and ree enter. This isn't your official ticket but you trade it in. And the whole situation could have been avoided. City hall sent me to another room at the entrance to get the promised poster...... Where I was asked for our tickets . showing them I was told theses weren't the proper tickets. Apparently other commemorative tickets has been issued. So I asked them to check the booking under my name.... To be told that I hadn't paid for the premium package which I argued of course and then questioned how we had cinema tickets without the premium package and was told very rudely by an arrogant woman we didn't have cinema tickets.... Weird as my daughter did have the cinema tickets and used them to enter the cinema later that night!
Summarizing the event was brilliant but the cast members largely didn't know anything about how things were going to proceed or what was happening and weren't able to answer questions. Glad that half my family enjoyed it in the end but sad that out three tickets costing nearly £150 got us less than an hour's entertainment and an awful lot of stress purely because of poor communication


What a story ...

Now, if a CM could explain what point there is in leaving the park and enter again?  That's just absurd!


Wow polarvixen :o Thanks so much for sharing the story with us - sorry you had such a confusing time, it sound quite poorly organised. Did you get all your posters and badges in the end? If I had been paid on time we would have all travelled to France for just one night especially because of this event, which would have cost us around £700 in total - would NOT have been amused if we'd missed anything or not got the promised gifts... ???