Attendance drops 4.7%

Started by Rocketeer, June 03, 2015, 07:00:35 PM

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Its a bit of a catch-22 for them when it comes to pricing. Lower the prices and whatever small profits are diminished even more. However, you'd hope that the lower prices would attract more custom and therefore negate whatever losses incurred.

But its not just the ridiculously high prices that are the sole reason for putting people off. Few new additions and visible aesthetic issues all play their part.

I appreciate that its not easy for EuroDisney, they've not got the luxury of the budget free worries of Tokyo, Anaheim and Orlando.

Hopefully the more recent attendance figures will show that Remyland was a worth while addition and the announced refurbs are also well received.

"We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." - Walt Disney

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Probably not going to see the Rat make a big dent attendance wise. The data just doesn't show it :/
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^Guess they need to roll out the heavy hitters. Marvel and Star Wars both need a bigger presence, and they need to promote the heck out of it.

And (as I've only just discovered) TWDC now owns 78% surely they can have a bigger influence on the future of the resort?

"We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." - Walt Disney

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TWDC always had the kind of final say, if WDI didn't design it, DLP basically couldn't have it...

2017 will probably be a turn around year. Wouldn't hold out for much 2015/2016.

Frozen is this years addition
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Does anyone have a breakdown on attendance figures by country if so it would be interesting to see which countries have declined the most. Very interesting topic with different views on pricing with DLP, I find that DLP seem to give better offers to other European countries except for the UK and IRELAND, I have also noticed that there seems to be a lot of FLASH SALES for the FRENCH. I would also say that the offers for the FRENCH seem to give children under 12 free most of the time, as for most of the other European countries its kids under 7 and very little kids under 12 free and when it is on offer, its very selected dates usually when its term time.  { I know you can ask for crossover deals but I feel some people would be unsure on this and the messing around and having to pay outright there and then for that crossover deal as when we have rang up and booked a holiday directly you can pay 15% deposit then normally pay it off every month until finished. as we have done before getting are passes } My family and I love DLP and after serious thoughts about how often we could visit DLP we decided to purchase annual passes, and if you intend to visit more than once in a year its well worth purchasing one. We now stay off site staying in apartment only minutes away from the magic. Don't get me wrong its great staying on site, but we decided more visits and with all the benefits as if we were staying on site. If you intend to visit more than once a year it is well worth getting an annual pass, see all the benefits you get from being a pass holder its well worth it. Since we purchased are annual passes we have been 4 times since October and all being well by the time we will have to renew are passes in October it will be 6 times,  for a fraction of what DLP would of charged staying on site.
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You know, I keep on hearing about how ridiculous the prices are at Tokyo Disney, but the last time I checked, I could get an arrangement in the cheapest hotel for LESS than what I'm paying for my September trip in DLP. So I do think it depends on when you are going.
That still wasn't cheap of course, but it was surprising to me because I always heard about how pricy the hotels there are.

That aside, I remember back in 2006, my husband, his brother and his brother's gf and I booked a room at the Sequoia Lodge the week before leaving, and we paid € 86 a night per person, because back in the day, they did last minutes. Surely bringing those back would not only raise attendance rates, but get more people in the parks that otherwise wouldn't come, which means those people come and spend money at the parks, so again: more income during the low season.
I really wonder why they stopped doing that.


Quote from: Trekkie101 on June 07, 2015, 06:56:54 PM
TWDC always had the kind of final say, if WDI didn't design it, DLP basically couldn't have it...

2017 will probably be a turn around year. Wouldn't hold out for much 2015/2016.
Sure, but I was thinking back when the percentage of share was less. I'm not overly familiar with how the relationship between ED and TWDC works, but I assume that major additions had to be approved by the board, who represent the shareholders. To which something could have been vetoed for being to expensive or such like.

I appreciate though, that while the Mouse can suggest some fancy new E-Ticket for Adventureland, its still EuroDisney that has to pick up the tab. And a blank cheque is something that they don't have.

That being said, Burbank can surely see what's needed and can move the resort in the direction it needs, without having to negotiate too much.

"We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." - Walt Disney


Disneyland Park is in desperate need of a brand new ride, and I'm not talking about Star Tours 2. Although I'm quite excited with all the efforts being made for the 25th anniversary, there's nothing like a new ride would beat. I'd love to see a Beauty and the Beast dark ride, but any other would do too!


I 100% agree that prices play a big factor. 2013-2014 season was especially expensive - we went in both 2011 and 2012 and fully intended to go in 2013 bug could not get a deal that was worth our while - every time we just thought "we could got to Florida for just a little more". Eventually I got a fantastic deal and we went for Christmas 2014 to January 2015, and I was very glad to go again, but it still took a lot of persuading of the wife that it was a good idea - cheaper was still not as afforable as it used to be.

In my opinion, after the (practical) buyout by Disney Corp, by 2017 everything will have turned around. The parks were starting to look a bit run down in 2012 (even with the 20th anniversary refurbs) but there has been major work done already, and with the overdue complete overhauls of big rides like Space Mountain and IASW, along with hotel refurbs etc I think that by the 25th anniversay they will be doing a huge "relaunch" of the whole brand, with suitable marketing push. We know about new additions and improvements for both the parks, and I can forsee a large Marvel and Star Wars themed push from Disney as well. I think the prices will stay the same, if not become a little cheaper, and the parks will seem far better value with all the new polish that will be afforded by the extra money. Another thing we noticed on our last vist is a vast improvement in "exclusive" DLP and even seasonal merchandise in the shops, and an improvement in the prices of merchandise - we definitely bought more stuff than we ever have been tempted to in the past.

I'd hazard a guess that the last quarter of 2014 and 2015 so far have seen a marked improvement in attendance, hotel figures, and especially food, drink and merchandise sales over the previous 2 years. Disney know how to present and market themselves best, DLRP by themeselves were floundering a little from 2012 to 2014. As a big fan on DLRP, and also as a shareholder, I am genuinely optimistic that the resort will have a big turnaround in the next few years :D

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I went in Dec 2012 & Dec 2014 & thought it was soo much busier in 2014!
So maybe that means its a step in the right direction for getting busier.
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The thing with DLP is that it's either overpriced/expensive, or just bad value. This goes for merchandise and food.
There is no good alternative. The best example for me is Casey's. For me a Hot-Dog is lunch/snack food. Not dinner. Still they charge €7,39 for a cheddar hot-dog. A family of 4 pays almost €30 for a bun and a sausage. Mind you, this is without drinks.

"Expensive" is #1 complaint/presupposition I hear about DLP.
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True,  but comparing prices with somewhere like Legoland Windsor,  meals and snacks are very much simolar in price


I definitely concur that 2014 in general (every day that we were there) was busier than 2012. There also seemed to be more people buying food, snacks, drinks and using the shops.

I completely agree that DLP is often overpriced, but as I said I did notice that in general, prices had wither stayed the same, or gone down. For example, the average price of a t-shirt, hoodie, hat or bag had reduced, pin badge grades were the same, merch in the Star Wars shop had reduced. Prices in Annettes & Billybobs had stayed the same, and the prices i the station shop had sig ificantly dropped (I know this isn't run by Disney, but it sure helped with drinks and snacks!).

I know that it varies a lot from week to week, but as of right now in early 2015, looking at prices for this year & early 2016, prices of Santa Fe, Cheyenne, Explorer's and Adagio all seem to be cheaper than they were in 2013-2014 (though still higher than 2010-2011).

Don't get me wrong, prices need to keep getting lower, but it seems to be getting better - or at least not getting worse - and the value for moeny is increassing - more rides, attractions and shows, better standard of repair, more variety in decoration, themeing, items in shops etc.

On a personal note: if we as a family of four could get a 4 night, 5 day holiday for less than £750 (which was easy to find in 2010-2011) we'd happily go at least once a year, and probably spend a decent amount on food and souveniers when we were out there. When prices are £1500 for the exact same holiday (which they were whenever we tried to book for 2013-early 2014), it means we'll only go once every 2 to 3 years, and infact will consider saving up and going to Florida instead. Which is a shame, as I personally love DLRP and want it to prosper. We can't be the only family having similar feelings...

Oh, and yes I concur that Legoland winsor is ridiculously overpriced. Whenever we've looked into it we've thought "but we could go to Disney for that!"...


From reading the previous posts about the prices seeming a little cheaper, could this be down to the better exchange rate at the moment? if so then prices would seem better but in reality could have risen slightly..... Just a thought


Actually that is an excellent point, as far as package prices I was thinking in terms of GBP, and hash't factored in exchange rates. But my comments about price of food & merchandise being the same or cheaper were comparing euros for euros :)