[RESORT] The Great UFO Conspiracy - Crash Site & More

Started by DisneyManiac, June 03, 2015, 06:48:36 PM

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So a big hello to everyone out there! It's been sometime since I was last active on the forums, so it's about time I returned.

Alright first things first, I was just listening to the Queue Loop from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril and I had a thought, there is a clearing in the trees along the Railroad Route towards Adventureland that has/had a jeep in it with the temple in the background. I was wondering after the (what some people call a flop-of-a) movie Kingdom of the Crystal Skull that brought the Extra Terrestrials to the Indiana Jones Universe. So why not add in a crashed UFO into the clearing, with sparks being emitted and smoke steaming out during the day and the UFO's glow during the night.

Not only just a crash site though, perhaps there could be a Special Service that runs on the Disneyland Paris Railroad late at night just after Park Closing where the train makes a stop at the crash site and the guests along with a Cast Member take a closer look at the UFO and it could turn into one of those Close Encounter type moments, in the wreckage there is a symbol on the craft that could spark a huge conspiracy...maybe....

Any thoughts so far?