Studio Tram Tour -Station going back - True or False?

Started by DisneyManiac, January 25, 2015, 04:44:33 PM

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Also, there have been rumours that Paris will receive some of the props from the now closed Florida attraction, they can add those to the new route as distractions from the fact that there's nothing but countryside around.

Which attraction closed in Florida?

The Studio Tram Tour closed in Florida a while back.
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If the rumour is true that Paris are getting some of the props from the Flordia Studio Tram Tour which is closing down it will be come a much better ride. They have so many cool props over there.

I've also heard from a good source that the Tram Tour is moving back relocating the station and the tram route so to expand the land available. I believe this is all tied in with when we get the Florida props to make it a big Tram Tour refurb.

How much land is available behind the tram tour to be used for expansion if anyone knows?


Quote from: dazzle_v2003 on February 08, 2015, 02:19:04 PM
How much land is available behind the tram tour to be used for expansion if anyone knows?
At a rough estimate, the depth its about the same distance from the the park gates in Front Lot all the way to the Tram Tour attraction entrance.
Width wise, it goes from the back of the Moteurs stage (where the Reign set is) across to the forest (or around the area of RC Racer in Toy Story Playland if you prefer).

In short, its a heck of a lot of land. They could build a full length Hollywood Blvd., and have space for at least one substantial E-Ticket, or maybe two or three C/D-Tickets. Even more if they encroach on the forest - which I'm not sure they will do until its a necessity.

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Yes, I think they were given permission to cut the entire forest a few years ago. It would be sad to see it all go, much better if it can somehow be integrated into the park I think.
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I agree with that, I much rather see the forest integrated than cut down also.


They could keep a portion of it, and it could remain on the Tour route - just build a Forest Moon of Endor set (like that seen in front of Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios) or even a bit of  Kashyyyk. At least either would be more relevant than Dinotopia.

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Studio tram tours needs sorting however its done. In Feb the floor didn't move for the earthquake, as usual 2 carriages were empty, we had the back one and could barely see the effects. it was very disappointing, the previous day we went on it and they made us squash up with a couple,making 5 full size adults in a row, so we couldn't even see lol. and the commentary is so out of date its daft, they still mention the costumes.   


^I wonder, does the fact that the last two carriages were empty speak more about the state of the attraction or the state of the park? If everything else in the park has a queue over 5 mins and the Tour remains a walk-on, is it time it went to Yesterland?

I know I said previous that the park needs all the capacity it can get, but if its still struggling on a mildly busy day, you do have to wonder what's the point? They could build two attractions on the Reign and Canyon sets alone, and that's without really having to build/extend Hollywood Blvd.

As for the commentary being out of date.. that's just another sad example of the need to save every cent at the resort. It shouldn't be that way though, you'd think that it wouldn't cost much just to edit out the costuming segment.

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Well Now that the rat is open you have the waiting lines there.
What I found a bit disturbing the last time I was there was not the state of the ride but that the ride video still used the Orange logo but the ride is not sponsored by Orange for some time now. I would have thought that the new sponsor would at least would have wanted that changed.
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The ride needs a pretty major overhaul in my opinion. It would be enjoyable if it was your 1st time on it but when I go 2 years apart, & there's even less than the time before it almost shows that they're not that bothered.
Shame as I do enjoy the Studios park  :)
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I really don't care for this "ride"... The same goes for Moteurs.
It's outdated and Disney could do so much better.

I want "memorable" and "beyond my imagination". Nothing less.
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