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Started by mrcarlrv, December 14, 2014, 03:37:04 PM

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Hi - I wonder if you can help me. I am contacting your in hope you can forfill a wish of mine or point me in the right direction. In 6 months time 2015 if would have been my Mam and Dads Ruby wedding anniversary. But my Dad will not be here to celebrate it.

Sadly my Dad died 4 weeks before Christmas in 2012 of a sudden heart attack. He was not in any ill health and it was a massive shock to everyone. It has torn our lives apart. He was only 58.

My Dad was a lovely, kind generous man who loved Disney and took me as Child to Paris numerous times and those are some of the best memories I have and cherish.

What we have learned from the hospital from the doctors are what his last words were. He was talking about his Grandson (Jabcob) 2 years old at the time and he was going to surprise the family in 2014 and take us all to Disney for Christmas - Sadly minutes after he said that he died. He loved his family and was such a fun loving, amazing man.

We can think of no better tribute to my Dad then to honour the ruby wedding anniversary by having a permanent momento at Disneyland Paris. I know years ago they used to add the stones with peoples names on at the front. We would love something like that? We have already booked Disney next year so want to suprise my mam.

My mam who does not know i have written this email.

I assure you this is not a begging letter but more a polite email to ask is there anything you think of? A permant thing Disney related?

I hope you can help me cone up with some ideas

Thank you



Sadly, those stones haven't been for sale in quite a few years.


I don't think there is anything anymore where you can get a name permanently left anywhere in the parks, sorry.

How about buying Jabcob some shares in Euro Disney SCA? They might go up in value, and could be a good investment that he can cash in when he's older if he needs a lump sum of money once he's an adult. In the meantime, if you bought 100 shares, he could be a member of the shareholder's club and get access to Salon Mickey (with free snack & drink) and permanent price reductions on hotels, tickets, food & shops in the parks. If you plan on taking him multiple times in his lifetime it could be very worthwhile, and also it will feel like he owns a little bit of the parks (my kids and I joke about exactly which brick, paving slab or fencepost is ours when we walk around the parks  :D ).