Weather in March

Started by Ajiira, August 11, 2014, 11:31:09 PM

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Having booked our trip for March, im just wondering what to expect weather wise?  Also will parades be as normal or reduced? And will there be fireworks displays? Last went to Tokyo Disneyland in 2009 but it was in July so the height of the season.


Our family went for 5 days in March 2011 and 4 days in March 2012. The weather was pretty stable - obviously not exactly hot, but we only got minor rain for 20 minutes or so every now and then. Everything was running as normal, nothing stops due to weather etc.

You'll get the normal afternoon parade in Disneyland Park (no night parade), Stars and Cars in the Studios Park, and Disney Dreams in the evening. Dreams has minor firework elements, but you won't get a full firework display unless you are there for the Welsh St David's Festival or Irish St Patrick's Weekend. If you've got lucky and accidentally booked during one of these times, there will be extra entertainment and shows.

If you are used to going in summer holidays or peak times (Halloween/Christmas) you may notice slightly more ride closures for refurbs than you are used to. Expect at least 2 attractions to be closed for the duration of your stay. In March/April Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be refurbished a lot. However on the plus side, Monday-Thursday you'll find the parks aren't too busy at all and there will be little to no queuing! :)

[EDIT] I should point out that its not 100% confirmed that Dreams will still be running in 2015 (its only confirmed til Jan 1st) but I can't see it stopping any time soon :)


Fabulous thanks :)

We arent going during a special festival time but our children are very young (1 and 4) so I think our fun will mainly be during the day.  I am so looking forward to our trip but I think we will be finding our feet this time, we have already said this is going to be our first trip of many though ( Already imagining Halloween hehe).  Great news about the weather x


No worries, I know you'll have a great time, the two parks are really great. Don't expect them to be as big as Tokyo (especially if you went to Tokyo Sea! I'm desperate to take my kids there some day) or Florida (if you've been) but they are designed wonderfully, there is absolutely loads to see and do, and everything is really close together so not as much walking as the bigger parks. Our family really love the Paris resort, I'm sure yours will too :)


We were at disney in March (around the 20th). The weather was fine. Less rain than in August but that can change of course. There were parades and disney dreams. Most restaurants were open. On Thursday and Friday the lines were not very long but on Saturday and Sunday it was very very busy. The waiting lines at the Disney studios were more than 1,5 hours for some attractions.