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Another nice fact:
As a tribute to the previous attraction at the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast location, Le Visionarium, one of the characters remains floating in hyperspace as a permanent reminder. 9-Eye, the eccentric female robot with 9 cameras for her eyes, can be spotted in the Robot Attack scene.

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Yesterday evening I went through this whole topic and created an article on DLRPwiki.org containing most of the facts and secrets mentioned here.
So, people who have not yet created a list or who have lost their list, you can print the article ;)

If you want, everyone can update the article with new facts and secrets.
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There is only one place in the caves of Adventure Isle that the hidden treasure can be view from !! From a wooden walkway looking down onto it , don't ask me how to find it as I always get lost in there !!


Quote from: "Nicholas-c"i will have to look out for that train next time :D
me too


What I like about our Pirates of the caribian, is that there is an actual resturant in it. U can go there, and eat, and be a part of the scene


i dunno if all of these are sstill there or even were there to begin with but i have just got them off that hidden mickey site. theres plenty more but these are the ones i have picked to look for so far...

The Disneyland Paris gate, the one below the Disneyland Hotel, after the floral Mickey, contains a number of hidden Mickeys on each side. Five circles form two hidden Mickeys, both using the central circle.

Around Lake Buena Vista are street lamps. Every lamp has Hidden Mickey

While waiting for the train at Main Street Station you're looking at a glass-mural at the windows in the wall behind the track. On the very left a castle is shown decorated with different circles. One of these circles has two Mickey-ears.

We saw a Hidden Mickey in the Emporium Store in Main Street USA. When you are at the counter with the dome on top, you can see more than one hidden Mickey. In the iron fence inside the dome you can see them in the fence

Liberty arcade: There is a Hidden Mickey on each side of the arcade which you can see when entering from Central Plaza or Frontierland. It is made up by a lamp (head) and the column's top design (ears).

Look between the two smoke stacks on the mark twain, maybe molly and you,ll see an ironwork lattice with a gold star in the middle, to each side, is a perfect Mickey head on it's side.

In the queuing area for Thunder Mountain while in the upstairs section, there is a balcony where you can look down on the queue below. Directly below are three barrels which form a Hidden Mickey

Within the waiting queue, there is a metal plate, briefly before the boarding area on the right side. I cannot remember the exact wording, but it starts with "CO". Those are the ears and the screw under it makes Mickey's head!

In the front gardens of Phantom Manor, three of the "stone" spheres form a perfect Mickey head, which can be seen when you stand outside the front gates, right next to the "guard house". (It can only be seen from one perspective, so you may have to shift your position a bit...)

In the queue line there is a fountain. The fountain is a Hidden Mickey. The water makes up part of the Hidden Mickey.

As you walk into the first room in Phantom Manor, look up, on the ceiling, above the chandelier in the middle of the room, there is a ceiling design that is a very cleverly double hidden Mickey, very obvious.

There is a Hidden Mickey in the right stretch room. In the flowers/tombstone painting, the stones under the vase form a perfect Mickey shape.

In the stretch rooms/elevators in Phantom Manor a hidden Mickey can be found in the painting with the girl with the roses. As the paintings stretch you'll see a skeleton and on his right hand there are three spots that make a perfect Mickey shape

Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril has a very clever hidden Mickey! Just look the front of any train. You will see an inca-style shape. If you look well, you will recognize an obvious inca-style Mickey !

In pirates queue. about 5 minutes before reaching the ride, in a right turn, look up, & see a great, clear Mickey above

take a wench for a bride scene. Right in front of the fat lady in white lies a pile of pineapples in a basket. The one on top forms a hidden Mickey, his ears are the green leafs sticking out at both sides

In the battle scene (pirates), the hole blown out of the castle wall is in the shape of a Mickey

just before the swinging pirate look up and theres a tear in one of the sails that forms a hidden mickey

The lanterns on the back entrance of the sleeping beautys castle contain three bulbs each, a big one and two smaller ones which together form a Hidden Mickey. Of course this Hidden Mickey is only visible when the illumination of the park is on.

Some of the tiles in the castle roof are in a different colour and in a typical Mickey shape

the glass blowing shop in the castle above the workstation is a solar system model, the planet representing earth has two satellites instead of 1 forming a Mickey rotated through about 120 degrees


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Loved reading this thread! Any more? Any Halloween secrets to look for too?


Noticed this 2 years ago in October:

At Dusk/Night look at the Phantom Manor from near to the Riverboat Landing and watch out for flashes from the undergrowth of the manor's Front Garden, it resembles lightning, a very clever effect!


Quote from: DisneyManiac on August 18, 2014, 07:54:02 PM
Noticed this 2 years ago in October:

At Dusk/Night look at the Phantom Manor from near to the Riverboat Landing and watch out for flashes from the undergrowth of the manor's Front Garden, it resembles lightning, a very clever effect!

Thanks for that! Not long to go now. Telling the children on Saturday! 60 day countdown can begin then!