Disneyland GrandPrix?

Started by Aaron, March 22, 2007, 08:57:25 PM

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MARCH 21, 2007
The case for Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris, once known as Eurodisney, is located at Marne-la-Vallee, near the town of Meaux, to the east of Paris. It attracts large numbers of tourists from all over Europe but needs to be constantly updated in order to encourage people to come back time and time again. The location was very carefully chosen by Disney when the park was built and the business is now going well although there were serious problems in the early years when the cost of construction gave the company problems.

The biggest advantage that Disney has is that it has large tracts of privately-owned land which has yet to be exploited. It already has two theme parks at the site with the original Disneyland having been joined by a movie-themed park which is very popular. There are huge numbers of hotel rooms at the park itself and access to the city of Paris is quick and relatively easy. Thus it would be a perfect venue for an F1-theme park, which would fit in nicely with the plans being put forward by Union Properties in Dubai, the company that owns the global rights to theme parks using the F1 brand. Putting a circuit next to the park is the plan in Dubai, while Aldar is planning the same thing with its Ferrari theme park in Abu Dhabi.

Disney already has huge car parking facilities on site that feed the two existing parks and there is a direct rail link to Paris with the RER, the rapid regional express which does directly to the Paris downtown area. It stops at every station between the park and Paris and is rather slow but there is no reason that cannot be improved to create a better service. There is also Eurostar station at the park which could bring in fans from both north and south and the road links are extremely good with a direct link to the motorway network via the A4, which goes east to Germany and the N104 "Francilienne" ring road which links up with the A1 in the north and the major routes to the south and south-east.

The park is also easy to access for VIPs as helicopter access is swift.

The big question is whether a deal can be struck between Union Properties and Disney for a combined theme park-race track.



Wow I never saw this coming !


I don't know... A Formule 1 Park, doesn't that narrows your target audience?    Anyone else?

Edit: Here's a link to concept art and information for the Dubai Park.


could this realy happen?  :pluto:


No, this is just an idea the F1 people are toying around with.  They simply suggest that there's enough space at DLRP to build something like this.


good ! i dont think something like this would fit into the magic of disney :ears:


No thankyou..

I just don't think it would work very well at all..


It wouldn't fit into the Disney theme, but as a profit making company, Eurodisney would be silly not to even consider it, F1 is one of the biggest money sports on the planet. I cant see how they would ever link it into Disney but if Eurodisney were to strike a deal that doesn't incorporate the Disney name then they could swing it and bring in uber euros


I hope this will not happen. A F1 Park doesn't fit to the Disney Magic. And do you know how loud it can be ? Just imagine your in the DL Park and hearing this noise of the F1 Cars ? No please, that really doesn't happen.  :cry:
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Well, i do love the idea of a F1 GP @ Disney. It is just one weekend in a year and it would add an extra dimension (and money!!) to DLRP. We were talking about smething new and orginal for a new disney "park"? Well i guess this would be unique!

Spyker @ the F1 GP DLRP would be great  :mickey2:
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Yes and no.  WDW has an Indy Car track with the Ralph Petty Driving Experience and an Indy Car race periodically.  It really has made a lot of noise, and I do not think this is a good fit at all for the resort.  I'd much rather have a 3rd Disney park and a Disney Water Park as per the original masterplan thank you very much.
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Looks like some Grand Prix fan has tried a spot of home imagineering... :lol: DLRP must be thinking "what the?!" right now.

They're right that DLRP has good car parking, but there's nowhere they could build a grand prix track that could use that effectively.  I don't how big they actually are, but...

Just no.  Never gonna happen. :lol:


http://uk.sports.yahoo.com/26032007/13/ ... venue.html

Seems like Ecclestone is not going to let this one drop!

It's not going to happen overnight, thank goodness. But what would they do with the track for the other 360 odd days of the year? The traffic around DLRP would be horrific too. And they would have to build more hotels n more camp sites. I can imagine DH's response though-you go off and enjoy yourself for a few days in DLRP(with my wallet of course!) n I'll just be down the road..... That'd be the weekend to avoid DLRP!
QuoteEcclestone keen on Paris venue
Mon 26 Mar, 11:04 AM

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If Bernie Ecclestone had his way, the French grand prix would move from rural Magny Cours to the capital city Paris.

In the French magazine Autohebdo, the 76-year-old referred to a Formula One race in Paris as a longstanding 'dream'.

"Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world," Ecclestone said.

Autohebdo reports that Disneyland Park Paris, which is about 30kms from the centre of Paris, is a possible venue for a Grand Prix track.

Current venue Magny-Cours is often referred to as one of the annual calendar's blandest stops, and Ecclestone has criticised the French government for failing to support the race.

But the Briton said: "I don't imagine that they will let one of the biggest sporting events of the year disappear."

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