Disney Characters at Disneyland Paris

Started by Kristof, March 19, 2007, 04:23:42 PM

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Quote from: "TowMater"I can remember some more!


Green Army Man


Teedle Dee and Teedle Dum
Mad Hatter
Queen of Hearts
Sitich (Without the flowers)
Fairy Godmother
Mary Poppins
Penguin waiter


Mexican Chip and Dale
Mexican Mickey and Minnie
Mary Poppins (In a red suit)


Prince John
Sheriff of Nottingham
Frair Tuck (Thanks to him we didn't get Timon's autograph)

This topic is ONLY about characters at Disneyland Resort Paris.    Please stay on topic...  :roll:


some of those are ace :D makes you wonder how many costumes there are if they just put characters out like that
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You looked at Belle and the prince in the eye, It looks like you were staring at them just in case they drink your beer. :lol:
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Does the park ever, or has it ever, acknowledged Disney's sequels? I know characters from Toy Stroy 2 are in the parks sometimes, but what about the animated movies? I looked for some pictures, but could not find any.

Anyone have any info on this ?


ooo flightpad mcQuack i was a big fan of ducktales and tailspin. has anyone ever seen anybody from chip and dale's rescue rangers? not chip and dale lol i forget their names but it was one of my fave shows.

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Gadget from rescue rangers can sometimes be seen in the park, they seem to like sending her out into the disneyland park.


that's her name i feel dumb for forgetting now lol, and hope i see her some time though i have no idea when i'm going back.

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:o I saw Clarice (Chip and Dale's girlfriend) on Thursday in Frontier Land. She was just about to leave though so I couldn't get a picture with her. :P And I saw Abu in the Disney Studios on Friday and managed to get a pic with him. :) That's the first time I've ever seen either of them.


And was there also an chesire cat or has you taken the one on the castle?
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:shock: I don't need the Cheshire statue from the Castle anymore.

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A long time ago....in 1995. I saw the Gummy Bears, yes yes in Disneyland Paris, and Chip'n'Dale as the rescue ranger with the shirt and the hat as in the cartoonsk, in the parade.

I would be happy to see Roger Rabbit back, it was since Toon Circus he was out.


Last sunday, Meg,Esmeralda,Phoebus and the Fairy GodMother were in the park.


But no sign of Jiminy this year...Last year he was in the park for the last Summer Season Day...


I didnt realise Esmerelda was ever out in the parks!
I saw Mulan in her warrior outfit in 04 but sadly didn't manage to get a picture! :-(


Esmeralda was daily in the parks during last year's Kids' Carnival.

http://www.photosmagiques.com/gallery/v ... otre_dame/


I was there for kids carnival last year. I wonder why I didn't see them...  :cry:  :? lol