Possible management change

Started by norhel, April 29, 2014, 06:17:20 PM

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Yes, just seen it on MiceAge as well.

Daniel Delcourt, the former Vice President of the Disneyland Resort Hotels, has supposedly been promoted. Not sure if that means he will replace Phillpe Gas as ED CEO or not.

Mr. Delcourt was head of the DLRP hotels for some 15 years prior to his secondment to California.

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I have read this rumors as well and on a german fansite they say: Delcourt will not replace Philippe Gas but Joe Schott and Joe Schott will replace Philippe Gas - so DLP will have a new CEO in any case. If you are able to read / understand german, you can find this rumor here http://www.dein-dlrp.de/Disneyland-Resort-Paris-Blog/neues-management-fuers-disneyland-paris/
If it's true? I don' know.But I hope it is!