The coffee Grinder closed & Pizza Planet soon closed ?

Started by Magicpartytime, April 28, 2014, 11:45:43 PM

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It´s right The Coffee Grinder is closed forever ?
Pizza Planet from 03 July closed forever ?

It´s right or Rumor ?


Pizza Planet has been rumoured to close for ages and will no really be missed.

Every time iv been iv never seen the coffee grinder open, (mostly because I go in low season) which is a shame as iv always wanted to go in.  Ill assume you could get a proper coffee there as appose to an instant coffee in a paper cup.

Maybe it'll be a starbucks?
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The Coffe Grinder sells the same coffe as every restaurant at Disneyland Paris. You cannot enter this place, it's just a window to order, so far to small for a Starbucks.