Bibidi bobbidi boutique dlrp??

Started by irishbhoy1888, January 23, 2014, 11:48:00 AM

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We are off to dlrp in June and whilst we have been to disneyworlds bibbidi bobbidi boutique we have not been or heard of one in dlrp? 
Is there such place or something similar?
My wife is mad to get the 2 girls done as  princess's...
Any links would be appreciated. 


Yes there is, I think it is one of the shops in the castle
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It's on the first floor of the Pink Hotel, but not open every day.  It may be worth an email to the hotel in advance as I think it can book up fairly quickly.
I've never seen it open, but the dressing tables etc are all out and I believe there are different packages with hair/makeup/dresses included.  I'm assuming this is what you mean :-)
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Yes we want to see packages and prices to see how much it is and how it works etc..  Does the disneyland hotel have a website?


I find it odd that they dont offer it when you book online, it would be a good opportunity to upsell to guests
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As haribosmum has said the only place is in the Disneyland Hotel. I went past it in November and didn't realise till I physically walked past it that it even existed as it simply isn't advertised! But again it was closed when I found it.