Extra Magic Hours at the Studios

Started by MrsPirate, April 21, 2011, 10:57:31 PM

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Did anyone else notice the studios were open for Extra Magic hours on Saturday 2nd April from 8am-9am? It would be great if this became a regular feature, what are the chances?

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I'm afraid it looks like a one-off as there are no others planned for may and the beginning of June...
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I think it's a test so see how popular it is?
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[strike:1cog3t4h]Update: if you have booked the pirate & princess party you should receive an invite to a meet and greet with the princesses which will take place in hurricanes! (not quite the same but it's something)[/strike:1cog3t4h]
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Without sounding rude: what's that got to do with EMH at the Studios?


Ops wrong page, I'm on my phone! Thanks ;-)
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I believe they put on extra magic hours in the Studios on the 2nd April due to the earlier opening time in Disneyland Park for the Press event that day, it opened at 9am, not 10am like usual.  Don't know if this will happen again, but for now doubt it, though I believe the Studios have done EMH in the past, someone correct me if I am wrong on that one.


They usually do it during the Xmas period on weekends only
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From november 1st till november 9th 2013, EMH will take place at the Walt Disney Studios (Christmas decorations will be put in the Disneyland park)  ;)
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We had EMH in the Studios May half term this year. It was the first time we have ever had it. Guess it must be when they feel like it or need to do something in the main park.


I would love to be able to experience EMH at Walt Disney Studios as it would probably mean being able to ride Crush's Coaster, Tower of Terror and the Toy Story Playland rides without huge queues!


Does anyone know anything about magic hours for this weekend and the next week?
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