what can be expected in Disneyland paris 2014

Started by jamesmehew7, May 26, 2013, 09:10:48 AM

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I agree that they rarely cut shows after a year/18mths. Not a good return on investment. The clever thing to do, as suggested above, would be to repackage and re-launch every now and again. Get a good marketing impact for very little extra cost, and get us all going back to see the new version.


I really hope Disney do a bit more for 2014, there are always little things you missed but my daughter and I are running out of excuses to give to Dad to return each year.  :oops:

I really hope they add in somemore charactor options like  a New charactor meal to replace Tea Party, Brave meet and greet or even a charactor meal option at HNY. A new show would be great too.  [-o<


Dream isn't going anywhere, if anything it will be shown for only a few nights a week.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


It's been reported now it's daily till September 2014


When does the Ratatouille ride open?

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Quote from: "Elwell2009"It's been reported now it's daily till September 2014

Wow thats brilliant news, fingers crossed they do a show for Halloween 2014  [-o<