What could be the next park for dlrp?

Started by Sigton, February 21, 2007, 11:59:58 AM

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What park do you want?

9 (13.8%)
Animal Kingdom
12 (18.5%)
Disney Sea
13 (20%)
Something new
31 (47.7%)

Total Members Voted: 65

Voting closed: February 21, 2007, 11:59:58 AM


So an updated version of Disney Sea with a world showcase seems to be what most of you want, it could be an excelent idea.


The duplicating (of sorts) of Tokyo Disney Seas would be an incredible second try for Disney.  

Hmmm. Paris DisneySeas? Dunno. Don't sound too right, right now, LOL.


(And the rainy inclement {local} weather would def. work to a water-themed park's um... atmospheric surroundings? Heh heh heh.)
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:D It´s Tokyo, not florida  :wink: So the weather isn´t so much better
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Why is the weather such a big problem for an animal park. We have lots of Zoo's and Safari Park's around the UK, most of which stay open all year round except for Christmas Day. I don't see why weather would be a problem at Disneyland Paris.


weather isnt a problem for most animals the only ones that would need to be enclosed would be reptiles and amphibians!!!!......and fish unless of course they want an orca or 2 then they may have a problem!!!!
but it would probably be the most profitable park because for example if they get gorillas breeding, if they sell the babys they would be £60,000 each £20,000 for things like giraffes etc.
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okay an animal kingdom would be nice i love the park in the states but i think is not so good when paris get any copys of a existing park!!

we need something new, or somthing with copys from all existing disney parks around the globe..
i have a little idea for a third park, it´s a bit of disneysea, california adventures, animal kingdom and epcot!!

the park have 4-5 islands, one calles "Atlantis island" and it is in the middle of the park it looks like the city from the movie and have 2 great dark rides and a lot of shops and restaurants. the entree is the "world island" with bouldings from all nations 3 rides, shops and restaurants. on the right side is "misterious island" u see the old egypt, the old greek and the old china with the storys and world woders. on the left side from world island is animal island u see the animals from all around the world and the dinosaur´s!!!


Where would this new park go in the resort?


Quote from: "disneymadchris"Where would this new park go in the resort?

intresting question? i was wondering that ?

and also when would it be built by?


I guess maybe where the car park is at the moment but I don't really know.  :?


The original 3rd gate was planned for one of three different locations:

a) The large area of land below Newport Bay Club and Sequoia Lodge, on your right as you enter the resort via the parking lot gate.

b) The current car park, forming theme parks on every angle.

c) The spot were the Nature Villages are now going, by Davy Crockett.

I think a is the one they planned most for.  You can see it shaded out lower right on the following map (plus the circular Lava Lagoon just above it, next to the extension of Lake Disney):

:arrow: http://www.som.com/resources/projects/9 ... 1_1936.jpg

It would have been a Paris version of Westcot.


any idea when this will begin ?


QuoteSi au premier janvier 2011, la société pivot n'a pas engagé les travaux correspondant à la réalisation d'une extension majeure du parc ou d'une seconde attraction majeure (parc à thème) susceptible d'attirer chaque année des millions de visiteurs supplémentaires, l'EPA pourra commercialiser les terrains affectés au deuxième Parc, non utilisés, en les proposant à un tiers ou la société pivot.

That's a quote from the agreement between TWDC and the French government.  It basically says that construction on a major project (theme park) should start before the beginning of January 2011.  If this does not happen, the ground would be sold.


Something new would be great, me being a great fan of the Disney villains, how bout a park dedicated to them with all sorts of creepy rides, of course not to scary it should still be ok for little children to visit it too, though I do envision this as the part that's particularly fun for adults and thrill seekers
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So if work has to be begun before 2011, how realistic is it that this would happen given the current state of the resort? Are there any chances that they could opt for an extension to aviod loosing the land?


Is Epcot the park with the separate countries? I love shopping there!