Critter Corral

Started by TVTaughtMeHowToFeel, April 20, 2013, 01:26:48 PM

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It is such a shame how DLP allow good spaces to go to waste. A nice simple idea would do eg. a character lead Hoedown would be nice. Something in keeping with the area, that can bring a bit of life to a ghost town and give people a reason to go that far into Frontierland.


Or you could create a Ghost Town, that is made purposely


It's a great place for a meet and greet, you could have plenty of different characters throughout the day!


Now that Christmas is over, and Santa left for the North Pole, I wonder if they'll do something with the area this year or if it will stay empty again till November when Santa's back.  :-\

Let's hope they'll do something!
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That area of Frontierland is so quiet now, the Chaparral Theatre is closed, Critter Corral is closed, only the train station us open there's nothing else to go up there for.
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