Your Previous Trips - when and which hotel?

Started by shell_ely, February 16, 2007, 02:09:15 PM

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My previous trips include.

January-Santa Fe
March-Day trip
April-Newport Bay
November-Hotel New York

Upcoming trips for 2009

January-Disneyland Hotel
September- Cheyenne
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


February half term 2001 - Davy Crockett (loved it but the park was very busy and I didn't like having to rely on the car every day)

January 15th -18th - Sequoia Lodge (just fab - park very quiet and hotel great)

We are staying at the Cheyanne next time as DD wants to sleep in a bunk bed!   :D

2001 Davy Crockett
2007 Sequoia Lodge
2009 Cheyenne
2011 Santa Fe


:pluto: I've have notice how many people on their 1st visit to Disneyland Paris  have like us stayed at the Santa Fe Hotel :)


Little update

1997 Sequoia Lodge - Summer
1997/1998 Cheyenne - New Year
1998/1999 Sequoia Lodge - New Year
2001 New Port Bay - Spring
2002 New Port Bay - Spring
2003 New Port Bay - Spring
2007 Sequoia Lodge - September
2008 Disneyland Hotel - January
2008 Sequoia Lodge - November


***Update to Follow***


right heres my updated dates and hotels

may '03            santa fe                    4 days
june '04            santa fe                    5 days
june '05            sequioa lodge             6 days
june '06            explorers                   1 night
                                                       sequioa lodge             6 days
june '07            dream castle              1 night
                                                       hotel new york           4 days
march '08          explorers                   1 night
                                                       hotel new york           4 days
november '08     dream castle              1 night
                                                       HNY empire state floor 4 days
july '09             cheyenne                  4 days
march '10          pop century wdw        16 days


october 2008 santa fe

september 2009 cheyenne.

cant wait!! by the way, how do you get the countdown to your trip at the bottom of your posts?  :D


Hi all

(my first post)

I have been every year since it opened in 1992. sometimes twice a year. Every year i have stayed in the Davy Crockett ranch!

I know some people's views on the ranch are mixed but i have to say i love it! the resturant and swimming pool are lovely! and when its winter and frosty is looks beautiful!

My fav time of year to go is December, all wrapped up warm, the fake snow and christmas decs just get me 100% in the Christmas mood and with that warm Disney feeling!

i am so excited about this years winter prices being released as for the first time since its opened i am booking to go for New Years Eve. Has anyone been for New Yar? do they do anything a little differently on the night??

I was once told to have a happy place in your mind for when times get hard. Disneyland Paris is my happy place. :)


Previous trips
May 1997 Cheyenne with parents
Novemeber 5th-8th 2004 Sequioa Lodge with Boyfriend
May 17th-22nd 2009 Cheyenne with Husband and kids

Planed trip
Novemeber 2009 Hotel New York  :D/


My first trip, in 2006, we stayed at Sequoia Lodge.
Second time, in 2007, Hotel Cheyenne.
Third time, 2008, we got to stay at Hotel New York.
We're going again in october, this time we're staying at Sequoia Lodge again.


Ok here goes from what I remember:

1993 - Davy Crockett Ranch - March (My 9th Birthday)
1993 - Davy Crockett Ranch - July
1995 - Hotel Cheyenne - February (Mum's 40th Birthday)
1997 - Nowhere/Day Trip - March
2006 - Hotel Cheyenne - October (Halloween..ooooo)
2008 - Sequoia Lodge - April (Honeymoon)

Hopefully I'll be able to visit DLP again next year  :wink:

And I've just realised that the years where I haven't had a DLP hols, I've been to WDW... :oops:

Handy Andy

August 1997 1 day trip
January 1999 DLH Castle Club.
January 2000 HNY
January 2001 HNY
January 2005 HNY
January 2006 HNY
September 2006 NPB
January 2007 HNY
January 2009 HNY
Magical Wishes


the last ones were
christmas 2006 Hipotel Marne la vallee
christmas 2007 Hipotel Marne la Vallee
christmas 2008 Citea Torcy
and next week Citea Torcy :-)
If you can dream it, you can do it.
Walt Disney


2007 July - Hotel Santa Fe
2008 August - Hotel Santa Fe
2009 August - next trip! Hotel Santa Fe again



My trips:

April 2001 Hotel Santa Fe
November 2002 Hotel Cheyenne
October 2003 Hotel Cheyenne
May 2004 Disneyland Hotel
December 2004 Disneyland Hotel
October 2005 Disneyland Hotel
21-23 November 2006 Hotel New York
19-21 September 2007 Hotel New York
26-28 March 2008 Disneyland Hotel
26-28 November 2008 Hotel New York
2-4  September 2009 Hotel New York

The October 2005 trip is refered to as "the mystery trip" in our family since no one can seem to remember anything that happened, including myself. :-k We didn't take any photos or videos either.