Your 3 most-wanted future projects?

Started by Anthony, January 28, 2007, 04:27:55 PM

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When Tower of Terror opens in 2008, what should they do next?

I'd like to know what 3 future projects you'd choose to take us up to the 20th Anniversary in 2012.  We have to assume here that the current new attractions have been successful and the resort has been given a similar (but probably slightly smaller) boost of cash to keep going.  So what three things in the parks would you spend it on?

Here are my choices:

Toy Story Mania!
For somewhere behind Art of Disney Animation, I suppose.  I think BLLB has become popular enough for them to need another interactive ride.

The Little Mermaid Undersea Adventure
Ok, this might not be very realistic (the cost might be huge), but those lines for Peter Pan's Flight really need to be absorbed by something, they're not doing the park any favours.

Jack Sparrow's Adventure Isle
Taking ideas from the upcoming HKDL project and the new DL "Pirate's Lair", this would be a PotC overlay of the Adventure Isle area.  Jack Sparrow's treehouse, Davy Jone's Caverns, and more.  The treehouse in particular needs to be done - they could put so many jokes in there about his character, far more interesting than the Robinsons and no plastic characters like they have at Tarzan's Treehouse.

What would you add next?  You can choose shows, parades, restaurants or improvements to current attractions too.  Original ideas are also welcome, Crush's Coaster shows they're not afraid to try new things in Paris.

Hmm, I should have probably asked for a STT improvement...


Im still hoping for that old chestnut Splash Mountain. But a hybrid version a little like the POTC version thats going in HKDL. Not patricularly themed around Song of the South, im not fussy!!

Secondly, I still would love to see some form of Indy attraction in Adventureland. Yes I know we have one, but the version at DL/Disney Sea is what im talking about. With Indy 4 finaly being relesed at the cinema May 2008, surely the interest will be there again

Then finally, and enhancement to STT. I dont know if its because its in Paris rather than America, or that the "wow" factor isnt there because its been done before, but I always feel that it never quite feels right. Maybe its time to expand as originaly planned???

Just a small cheap wish list lol


Id like ;

Splash Mountain


Test Track

Sort of a long shot, but who cares  :)


hmm good question what i will like to see to the 20th..

i´d like to see

 :arrow: Splash Mountain

 :arrow: Roger Rabbit Ride

 :arrow: Winie Pooh Ride

we will see what happen next i hope something
everybody will like!!!  :D


Seems like Splash Mountain is favourite for everyone !  :)

The Butlin Boy

Ok, here goes:
 :arrow: Toy Story Mania in the Studios.
 :arrow: Move HISTA to the Studios and show Philarmagic
 :arrow: Soarin where HISTA used to be in Discoveryland


I would like

 :arrow: Splash Mountain

 :arrow: Soarin

 :arrow: Test Track

That would be great  :donald:


:arrow: Splash Mountain
 :arrow: Mickey's Philharmagic
 :arrow: Soarin
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Firstly would be great if they got rid of the wishes and replaced by The magic Kingdom's latest special ticket fireworks display.  Magic, Music and mayhem.  The music works so well together and also to hear King Triton in a fireworks display is great.  Finally the Little Mermaid is getting recognised again by Disney :) .  A video can be seen here

Second, Beauty and the Beast attraction should be brought out of the Disney Vault and placed into Fantasyland.  It seems like the most perfect idea for an attraction based around a French fairytale, after all there actually is not an attraction in the french area of Fantasyland.

Third, same as 2 really, bring Little Mermaid attraction to fantasyland, with DLRP's ever growing popularity they are going to need at least another attraction in Fantasyland.  Peter Pan gets stupid queues.


The three rides i would like to see are

1 The Jungle Cruise

2 The Test Track

3 Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

and as an extra the world showcase as this would add more small ride and dining options and would give you a lake which could then be used as for a firework show or somethig else


Great topic Baloo!

Quote from: "Owain"Sun Wheel from Disneyland

Why? Where would you put it? Ofcourse its your opinion, but what makes it special for you? To me it doesn't seem like a Disney worthy attraction.  :?

Here is my list (as realistic as possible  :wink: )....

Adventureland Redo including Indiana Jones Adventure
This is the biggest project in Disneyland Park itself since Space Mountain in 1995. I would like to see an Indiana Jones Adventure between the current Indy coaster and Pirates. For this occasion I would like to see some upgrades in the whole of Adventureland. Please rehab the Robinson Treehouse, reopen Cafe Agrabbah (or whatever its called) and get Explorers Club back to its 1992 state including the singing birds. Pirates will get a Jack Sparrow-update and Indy will become Raging Spirits.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Although I am not a fan of Pooh, and although I would like to see the Tokyo version of the ride, I think this attraction would be a big hit. This character is so popular and the ride shouldn't be too expensive either. I guess this attraction would fit best at the end of the path at Storybookland (behind the Fantasyland Station. They can even create a shop like Pooh's Corner. I guarantee a financial succes.  :wink:

This option is based on my personal opinion. I like this attraction so much, I just can't get enough of it. The ride experience is so amazing, that I would even forget the fact that this ride doesnt have a clear storyline and wouldn't fit thematically in our Studios. But well, I can't help it... it must come!  :D


1. Splash Mountain , I have never been on that ride and i have seen some video's from it and it looks great!

2. A Beauty and the Beast attraction , they could make some really classic and cool ride from that. (imagine , the station is inside the castle , first you go out of that and see the village , then through the woods back into the castle , there you see the scenes with belle , the fight and the transformation and you go back into the station that was into the castle :D , with the prelogue als preshow)

3. A bigger studio tram tour , with more scenes that are more famous.


Quote from: "Maarten"Great topic Baloo!

Quote from: "Owain"Sun Wheel from Disneyland

Why? Where would you put it? Ofcourse its your opinion, but what makes it special for you? To me it doesn't seem like a Disney worthy attraction.  :?

Sorry just realised how stupid it was, i would like to see for my 3rd attraction Soarin'


1) Splash Mountain - A great ride which I feel is missing from DLRP.....

2) An improvement to the "Reign of Fire" scene on the Studio Tram Tour - At the moment I find this scene pointless.....

3) Soarin' - I loved this ride at WDW! I would love to see it at DLRP!


i want splash mountain
updated ride of potc
a monorail around the disneyparis resort!
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