High School Musical On Tour (Summer 2007)

Started by Kristof, January 26, 2007, 02:19:57 PM

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High School Musical On Tour
16th June to 26th August 2007 (now announced to continue till 30th September)

Quote from: "WDSfans.com"More changes are coming to Walt Disney Studios Park, this time in the form of a replacement. Starring Cruella De Ville, a show that has been running two summers on a row, is being exchanged for a show based on the popular Disney Channel movie High School Musical.

No details are know yet, but it'll most likely resemble the current shows at Disney's California Adventure Park and Disney-MGM Studios Park. Rumours suggest that the Starring Cruella De Ville platforms will be rebuild for this new spectacle.

High School Musical will be performed during the Summer Season from 16 June to 26 August 2007.


Just bought the soundtrack, lovin all the songs even more, can't wait for this now lol


I feel like I should watch the film now... hmm, maybe not. :P

Even though it's a shame we have to loose Cruella, I'm actually quite impressed at DLRP for sorting this so soon.  They seem to be whispering behind our backs with the US resorts a lot since Holz arrived, and so far it's all good.

I like the "new-ness" of HSM, the fact it might make the Disney Channel seem a bit more worthwhile in Production Courtyard and the very very American theme is nice for a change too, since DLRP often tiptoe around seeming too American. They can't escape it with this one!

Also, whilst Cruella was an "oh, that was actually pretty cool!" kinda show with guests, this should be more the "cool, we've gotta see that!" kinda show... if you see what I mean.  More like Catch the Wave Party than CinéFolies, with guests at least.

Oh - the only thing that does bother me: american accents.  The "hey, we're film directors from california" thing from Lilo & Stitch never really works... can they manage high school kids?


I Sky+'d the movie over xmas, and started to watch then gave up..... Its good it's coming to WDS, but im with you Baloo, Europeans pretending to be American, if it works its great, but when its bad, its really bad!


Yeah told you so! If I still work in the Studios as a Guest Flow this summer, i'll be happier to be on High School than Cruella I can tell you that ^^! Great!
Hug it out bitch !


o_o; OMG, why?

D= :( If you've seen that film, you'll know that it's scary. :lol: Not scary as in spiders or anything like that, but scary as in a child with sticky fingers coming to hug you. It's so in your face, but in a bad way. :? I don't think they should replace Cruella with something that's only a current obsession, which will eventually die out.


When High school musical first came out, i loved it and then my friends started to say how cheesy it was and then i watched it again for like my 10th time and i watched it carefully and then i realised its not as good as i use to think !

So Masamune you were right its going to die out !


Were you expexting to see CASABLANCA of GONE WITH THE WIND when sticking the High School DVD in your player? I take it for waht it is: pure FUN! The acting is lame, the directing is lame, BUT the musical numbers and the songs are bloody catchy and I just want to sing along and dance with them. So I think the show will bring a lot of energy in the park! It's gonna be quite bouncy around Prod. Courtyard this summer (Catch the Wave + High School = Great Fun!)
Hug it out bitch !


I dont think its going to die out just yet. The sequel is being broadcast this summer, and part three is already in pre production. Disney see it as "Fame" for this generation...


Quote from: "Owain"When High school musical first came out, i loved it and then my friends started to say how cheesy it was and then i watched it again for like my 10th time and i watched it carefully and then i realised its not as good as i use to think !

So Masamune you were right its going to die out !
:lol: Yay!

Seriously though, I don't watch Disney films to see poor OTT acting and scary vocals, and I certainly don't go to DLRP for that. :o I just hope it's gone before it gets really old, and before everyone is fed up of WildCats everywhere. :roll: *Sadly remembers some of the song lyrics*

The Butlin Boy

From what i've heard, they're making a HSM 2 and 3 so it could be staying around for quite a while! :?


Well, it's only running for 2 and a half months, and then it'll be gone.  They might not bring it back again in 2008 - who knows. :)

I think Kinou's point says a lot - people are obviously looking for a something to do with HSM, and this'll be their answer.  They promote the film a lot on the resort TV channel, before LOTLK, etc. so it seems right they have this show, for one year at least.

I'm looking forward to seeing how popular it'll be.  I don't really care about the show, just want to see the audience reaction...  :lol:


Very interesting move, this coming from a person who visited a disney store yesterday and literally ran out of it when I saw so much power rangers rubbish for sale and heard that they were playing HSM :lol: .  I am not going to go expecting amazingness, just like I expected with the movie really.  The show seems very fun and American.  Suppose who doesn't like corny American rubbish :wink: .  So in terms of the strategy it will work very well if it has been taken in as popular in mainland Europe, as it has here in England.  Overall I am actually looking forward to this mini show arriving, au revoir cruella   :( .


Oh My God! I've just read through the thread! My 12 year old is obsessed with HSM! And we are hoping to go around 17th June!! We'll have to go and watch it!!!!!!! (Notice more and more exclamation marks-a sign of my stress) Maybe I can deny all knowledge of where and when it will be performed......  Yes, its very cheesy and American and fun to watch a few times, but when you hear it blasting from your daughters room or you see the adverts ALL the time when you switch Disney Channel on, it gets a bit annoying-neh a LOT annoying.

Daughter has just read this over my shoulder-is now yelling like a maniac. HELP ME! :roll:

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High School Musical Pep Rally,
A tribute to the Disney Channel Original: High School Musical.
7 days a week, 5 times a day.
During: 22 minutes.

Scene 1: The cast dances into the park on the music: Bop to the top
Scene 2: Getcha head in the game! Dancing/basketball with hip-hop influence
Scene 3: The audience is invited to play along with the basketball players.
Scene 4: Marcy and Jay singing on a ladder: What I've been looking for.
Scene 5: Dancing and singing, Stick to the status quo.
Scene 6a: We're all in this together, dancing and singing with basketball and cheerleaders.
Scene 6b: Wildcats sing, cheerleaders learning kinds cheer lead.
Finale: Play-out and the cast leaves the park under the music: breaking free.

Cast per show:
4 singers, acters, dancers
4 female dancers
4 male dancers
1 male swing
1 female swing
1 driver
1 captain

Sorry for my bad english grammar! ;)