Bad Weather

Started by DisneyBud, January 19, 2007, 08:22:35 AM

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I read that parts of Europe have been affected by the very fast wind etc, so i was just wondering if anything bad has happened to disneyland?


As far as a I know, Paris isn't very windy at the moment, just very wet like England is... booo!

miss disney fan

all i've heard was yesterday eurostar cancel the trains between london and france


Nooooo, that's no allowed! I hope it's all ok for the 26th!


I think they closed a few of the outdoor attractions, but nothing more.  I don't think Paris was hit very badly, and since the wind is pretty much gone here now (manchester) then it should be fine over there.


Still very windy over here in Cardiff ! :(


Yup today has calmed down muchly, haven't had any rain or wind at all.