Third Quarter Announcement

Started by Kristof, August 07, 2012, 10:31:57 AM

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Third Quarter Announcement
Nine Months Ended June 30, 2012

• Third quarter Resort revenues increased 4% to € 358 million, reflecting higher guest spending and
theme parks attendance, partially offset by lower hotel occupancy

• Nine-month year-to-date revenues up 1% to € 911 million, reflecting a 2% increase in Resort
revenues, partially offset by lower Real Estate revenues

Read the entire report here:

DLRP Roundup!

For the first couple of the 20th it seems to be looking good. Will be good when we see financial data for expenditure.

Good results though :)
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ford prefect

Yes, but the lower occupancy rate is concerning.
enjoy yourself, it\'s later than you think!


And I predict EuroDisney will still make a loss at the end of the year once again. But hopefully the third quarter results point to a successful summer and will keep the loss smaller than could of been.
Ed & David