Theme for a new Disney Hotel?

Started by Kristof, August 07, 2007, 02:03:02 PM

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Brilliant idea! Love how the shape of it even looks like a simplified Central America!


i like maybe a grand pixar hotel with nemo,cars,brave,its a bugs life,up,toy story and others


I think a water theme hotel could combine a lot of characters and films into its design.
You could have large in wall tanks throughout and lots of blue lighting that ripples in some areas to give it an under sea look inside.
It could be quite castle like from the outside taking ideas from images of Atlantis and Atlantica. I would veer away from it looking like a sandcastle or having big shells stuck to it although some smaller ones places sporadically could look good.
It would need a really good well themed pool and splash play areas an indoor beach would be perfect.
An area of water surrounding it so you cross a bridge to enter with some Blagio style light up fountains that could draw peoples attention as they walk past. When you get closer the water has ornamental fish, remnants of a sunken ship added subtly somewhere is a must to incorporate captain hook and captain jack, a classic Ariel statue in the style of the one in Copenhagen could look beautiful, and maybe some beady tick-tock croc eyes poking out of the water.
A two level soft play area and children's area would work well Jake and the neverland pirates on top above the water Nemo below under the sea.  
The bar area should take elements from the pirates an upmarket version of captain jacks drinking holes.
A good sea food restaurant would be a nice addition.
The reception welcome area should have lots of elements from the little mermaid and the main movie focus should be the little mermaid and peter pan.
There are loads of themes of room that would fit and could be worked it.
I think it could be a different and exciting addition


i agree with some of the others i like the idea of the Hollywood hotel like what Hong Kong have, its a lovley hotel

*Euro Disney 1993 (5yr old)
*Euro Disney 1997 (9yr old)
*Tokyo Disney 2000 (12 years old)
* Disneyland Paris 2009 (21yrs old)
*Hong Kong Disney 2012 (24yrs old)