Your Favourite Photo from the Magic!

Started by Patrick, January 15, 2007, 03:55:15 PM

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I took this picture with the camera on my phone (!), the day before yesterday:

Apart from this being one of the most beautiful things in the park, imo, I think this picture has something.... ethereal.

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These two (taken last week) are my favourites:


Don't have photo available at present( anyway not digital)  but last two years i used a camcorder and one short from 2006 kids carnival of Donald sharking bum to the music it is so profosyonel.


I'm going to have quite a few pics to put in this thread again now.

For starters.


Favourite pics from Day 2.


Favourite pics from Day 3.


Favourite pics from Day 4. Sorry, there's a few, really had started to get used to my new camera by this time.

And finally, Don Diego - I just thought this guy had so much character!  :lol:


Fantillusion is my favourite parade so it has to be something from that:

I also love chip and dale:

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My first post here - some of my favourites that I've taken over the years:

The emptiest I've ever seen Main St:

Sunset over BTM:

Ye Olde River Boat:


Sunset on the lake:

Mickey & Minnie:


These are old photos from 2006, I didnt take many photos but here are my favs:

I love the theming :D

If it wasnt for the people it would look like a real spooky abandoned house...

Unfortunatly my fiance didnt manage it and still isnt King of England...

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Quote from: "Dark_Prince"I'm going to have quite a few pics to put in this thread again now.

For starters.

Oh wow i see why you like this one! Lovely Photography Prince :)
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Here are a couple of pics from our trip - 3 Nov - 7 Nov.

This is when we used EMH and were first in the park!

This was taken on the dumbo ride.

The Butlin Boy

Great pics bestbunnygirl, is that you running for the castle? :lol:


Great pictures! Especially the Castle sight from Dumbo, thx!
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That picture is so funny of you Bunnygirl running up Main Street, it is empty.  I would love to do that! :D