Your Favourite Photo from the Magic!

Started by Patrick, January 15, 2007, 03:55:15 PM

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me matthew and N2O matthew well excited to be at disney with her!!!

matthew and N2O on space mountain

rock n roller coaster


Here are my favourite pictures from June 2011 :)!



Well, the man who started it all   :)


All of these pics are great.

I can't wait to post mine when we retunr in June. x  :D
October 2011 - Apartment in Bailly-Romainvilliers
May 2012 - Apartment in Bailly-Romainvillers

September 2018 - 12th Wedding Anniversary at Explorers Hotel - so excited!


One of my favourites from my last trip..  :D

Orbitron at Night>>


I really do love all of these pictures!!

I also have one of the leather embossed photo albums. I am waiting for our next trip before i fill it up with pics. I just want to make sure we get the best pics of both trips.

Many Thanks


This may not be a very common photographic subject, but I just love these sign posts! Disneyland Paris is timeless, but this design just screams 1992. I'm also pleased with the bright colors against the vivid sky.


Please visit my DLP website:

[size=150]Trip report from August 2014[/size]


Great photos forza_united!! Its like from catalogue :)
[size=85](sorry for my bad english, thank You!)[/size]


I am using this as the featured pic on my deviantart profile

finally got a decent shot of the bald mounatin scene on Pays de contes des fées

Pixie dust 4 everyone

This creates a perfect illusion of an average Los Angeles movie studio day

Look who I met inside Star Tours

still, nobody has told the Caterpillar that smoking means being a bad role model

Intimidating Maleficent

One of the best pics I ever took of PM

Arr,  there be pirates


Catastrophe Canyon at its best

Such a cute couple

just ignore the man

Something that is hardly being paid attention to nowadays

back when frontierland had awesome deco

who needs to buy the retro postcard when they can get the same motif

a memory from the awesome and greatly missed backlot express restaurant

Hit the shot button in the right second and voilá

beautiful entrance area

a short trip to the land of 1001 nights

my old camera had really great sepia and B/W effect I also made this

Love that quotation


Magnificent Main Street


almost the same we had back in May

whew, this ended up bigger than I expected.
All taken from My Deviantart
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This was our first ever parade in 1993

Minnie & Mickey about to fly to the moon

This was the pirate ship in all its glory back in 1993

My favourite photo, my son aged 7 meeting Mickey for the first time in 1993

I hope you like them, I just learned how to upload photos yesterday, so apologies for my indulgence.
The photos aren't great quality,I've been spending the last few weeks scanning lots of photos that were pre digital,
1993 + 2005 - Hotel Cheyenne
1995 - Walt Disney World Florida
1997 - Hotel New York
1998 - Hotel Santa Fe
2000 + 2006 + 2012 + 2014 - Sequoia Lodge
2002 + 2004 +  2009 - Newport Bay
2007 + 2015 - Hong Kong Disney
2007 - DLP (1 day visit)
2017 - Disneyland Hotel - Cinderella Suite
2018 - Disney Cruise- Mediterranean
2019 - Disneyland Hotel
2020 - Disney Merrytime Cruise - Caribbean


Here are two of my favs from Frontierland :-)

The one I like the most


Got to love disneyland Paris in the snow


I hope you like them


Nice shots =D>

Although I'm a bit baffled by the 'Shot' dates..........mind you I can be a little 'Brick Headed' at times :-"



was thinking that myself epcot!!! didnt know it had snowed today lol!! they are lovely pics tho!!!


Quote from: "Epcot_Boy"Nice shots =D>

Although I'm a bit baffled by the 'Shot' dates..........mind you I can be a little 'Brick Headed' at times :-"

For some reason the photo sharing site decided to put the current date on them  :lol:  Date now corrected to the right date  :thumbs:

Thanks for the likes  :)