Your Favourite Photo from the Magic!

Started by Patrick, January 15, 2007, 03:55:15 PM

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Well, since I was looking at all my photos from dlrp today, was just wondering what your favourite photo is that you have taken.  Post them here if you do.

Here's 2 of mine


The castle is a brilliant photo .


wow great pics paddy
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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The second photo of the castle is amazing, looks like it should be Hong Kong or California!

This has to be my favourite, it just makes me laugh every time because it's so bizarre:

Other ones I like are also from when it was foggy last year:


The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "Baloo"

 :lol: Hahaha, I love it!!!  :P


Hehe, that's pretty spooky actually. Cool!

I'll be sure to post some of my pics when I get back :)

8 days to go!



They're wonderful! I don't think I could take anything as good! :tink:


Love the photos, I wanna go back now! (My daughter is sick of hearing me say that by the way....)

The photo below is a bit special to me.....

Not a photo of a ride, or character, but for me, this sums up what Disney is all about.
My husband, daughter and myself have been to Disney two times. Not been since 2002. We took a trip in August with the youngest member of the family.  This is my four year old. He has special needs and can become overwhelmed by new experiences so this holiday could have been a complete disaster, but me being completely Disney mad, took the chance and spent three long months talking to him, shoiwng him old photos from previous trips.

I think it all came to fruition in Mickeys diner at dinner, having only just arrived in DLRP half a hour earlier. We sat down at our table and THE MAN HIMSELF, MCKEY walked around the corner.

If we can, we are going back in June!

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I have to agree, the expression as they realise it is actually 'real' is what makes Disney what it is.


Awwww, bless him - just look at his expression :D - thats a classic piccy



The picture was taken last year when we were on the castle.Then Goofy saw us and winked...


Ooh, tough question!

I think I can narrow it down to these...

If I really had to choose I suppose I'd go for the one of Pluto & Eeyore "shopping"



Well, the shopping picture really is it :D


Hee, here's one more then!