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Started by Sully, December 02, 2011, 01:14:55 AM

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One thing I noticed last week at DLRP that I don't remember from before, is the HUUUUGE numbers of people smoking.  I know the proportion of smokers is very high in France in general compared to the UK, but it really was very noticeable just how many people were lighting up everywhere I went.

I thought Disney was supposed to be a "smoke in smoking areas" sort of place, but it clearly isn't enforced.  A few yobs were actually smoking aboard Big Thunder Mountain when I was riding at one point, couldn't believe it.

I've not been to any other Disney park, but I'd be EXTREMELY surprised if the American parks permitted smoking.

I have to say that it was one of the very very few things which spoilt Disney Paris slightly for me.

What's everyone's thoughts?


I totally agree here.  I have seen CMs look at people smoking in DLP and not say anything, however in WDW I have seen CMs asking people to put their cigarettes out.  They don't seem too bothered about it in DLP for some reason!


I agree with Vegitabeta! I've never seen CMS in DLP ask people to get rid of their cigarettes.
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What's partly to blame is poor signposting to the designated smoking areas. But a lot of the blame goes towards the guests themselves.
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The American parks have a strict smoking policy: only in the designated smoking areas. It's not just the Disney parks. At Universal / Islands of Adventure the same thing: designated smoking areas and they are heavily used and not a nice place to stay for non-smokers. Americans are a lot more smoking conscious than the French as there is a very strong and succesfull anti-smoking lobby. And the French are a lot more abusive of rules... (in general, of course)...



Yes, the smoking is really annnoying. What I don't understand is when parents smoke, their little kid in the pram next to them. Saw that some times during my last visit.  :(
And what I think increased, there are many people smoking while waiting in the queue. Is it so hard to wait for 20 minutes without a cigarette?


It did seem worse to me too, last trip in Oct we felt that smoking in queues and around children was a real spoiler.
As an ex smoker I can understand to some small extent but there are clear areas to go to if you want to smoke, I think there are just some very different cultural ideas about what is ok and not ok in DLP. I don't want to throw nationalities about but I'm sure it would make for a better experience for all visitors if CMs found a way to politely but consistently change the message about smoking in the parks.


I don't often post on this forum ( although I do read it! ) but wanted to reply to this thread....
I have noticed the smoking in DLP getting steadily worse over the years. I don't remember it being as bad around the parks and in ride queues even before the designated areas were introduced.

There used to be a lot more CMs walking round the park all day keeping an eye on things in general, than there are now. I have seen CMs telling people to put cigarettes out, but they just refuse or light up again as soon as the CM has gone.
The smoking areas are not easy to find nor clearly marked. One British family having a picnic gave me and my son dirty looks until I pointed out that they were sitting in a smoking area!

In the early days of ' EuroDisney ' the park was not as busy even during summer holidays, so there was less smoking around. Now at busy times of the year it seems to be everywhere. I got burned on the leg wearing shorts in summer by someone with a lit cigarette after Moteurs Action Show. It was about the same height as a young child's face. People were lighting up in the crowds leaving the seating area as soon as the show was over, walking past CMs who paid no attention.

If you read reviews on Trip Advisor they frequently mention the smoking everywhere in the parks and the pushing & shoving to meet Characters. This does NOT happen in WDW, so surely DLP could manage the same??
It gives the place we love a very bad reputation, and puts many UK people off going there.


I travelled to DLP a couple of weeks ago and have been 8 times before that. The smoking issue was something I actually commented on whilst we were there, it seems that its much more common now! However I do admit that I think I only saw two or three designated smoking areas. So whilst smokers should be aware of where they are smoking I think it is also up to DLP and the CMs to advise them to move to a smoking area.

Can I just ask if the areas have always been there and if not, what were smokers supposed/allowed to do before that? I was always under the impression it was strictly no smoking but obviously I was wrong.
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I suppose it was allowed before since the smoking ban has "only" been around since 2008 (someone, please correct if I'm wrong).

QuoteFrom 1st April 2008, the two theme parks of Disneyland Resort Paris will officially be smoke-free zones. No smoking will be allowed in any restaurants, attractions or queue lines — not even in the streets.
Source: http://www.dlrptoday.com/2008/03/14/dis ... announced/

It seems like people think they are allowed to smoke or tend to think that other people don't mind their smoking once they are in an outside area. Perfect example here in Holland is the smoking ban from train stations, even if they're in the open air. People still smoke whenever they want, the only way to stop them seems to be to fine them when they're caught. And even that might only stop them for that specific moment.
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Thank you pinkboxers, this must be where I had the idea that it was banned from! :)
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Personally I think it's getting worse. I've been going since about the age of 10 and always had the impression that smoking was actually banned purely because I didn't see anyone smoking. Over the last few years though I have noticed more and more people smoking around the park.

What's strange is that is seems to often be the people with children, some even with babies, and they smoke directly next to them.

I really wish castmembers would insist on smokers using the designated smoking areas. I don't like breathing in people's smoke and when there are so many children around I really think they need to do more to put a stop to people smoking all around the park, especially in queues where you are actually unable to get away from it.


I agree .. it was bad bad bad when I was there last week - sunday (when we arrived) was very bad with day trippers and the Friday that we left also - there was a suprising amount of Brits smoking openly in the parks.

There were more people smoking in queues this time as well - and where people were eating - which is just damn rude at the best of times, but esp in a theme park. I hate to point fingers but it appeared to be the French and Spanish people who were the worst offenders, but a close 3rd were the Brits - many of which were women with kids !!!

Being an ex-smoker I know what its like when you need a cigarette, but not in a queue, or when people are eating, or in a crowd!!

Another thing that shocked me is how untidy some people are. put your cigarette butt, coffee cup, sandwich wrapper in a bin!! There are hundreds of them in the park, in ride queues, by restaurants and kiosks - there is no excuse to drop any kind of debris on the floor !!!

moan over .. and I agree the CMs should at least point out where the smoking areas are.
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Is it really as bad as it's shown in the above video?    EW

Anyone know if they sell personal fans at any of the stores in the resort?  I'd want all that smoke away from us, specially while waiting in line to get on rides, or inside restaurants.
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I wouldn't say it's bad in comparison with other places but as I said further above, it's definitely getting worse rather than better.

I wish they would follow the strict smoking policy in the US and make sure that it's actually enforced. To be fair there have only been a handful of times when I've been in a queue and someone has been smoking, but to be honest there should be a zero tolerance policy where smoking and queues are concerned.