20th Anniversary (1st April 2012 - March 2013)

Started by JelleP, May 09, 2011, 09:46:27 PM

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Well, dejmurph1... no! As a matter of fact I haven't been told! But I tell you what... something BIG is coming! So DLRP keep it coming! Man this is exciting!

 :ears: DisneyManic :ears:


I love them all but i prefer the third one as it isn't too busy and got that much detail so it is easier to reconise if Disney decide to put it on any of the merchandise like the pens and the bags. :) Anyway do any of you know when the 20th anniversaire starts


Quote from: "dejmurph1"has anyone mentioned the new projjection equipement installed on the gibson grill yet?

this link from



I've put something about the projection stuff here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10945&start=140


New 20th animated logo by  Scroogy75 :

[size=85](sorry for my bad english, thank You!)[/size]


Official 20th Anniversary Poster! Looking good...:thumbs:



I love the logo but Mickey looks like he is off for a hard days work at the office.
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Mickey's coat and hat look like from Tokyo Disneyland. Logo is very nice!
[size=85](sorry for my bad english, thank You!)[/size]


In my opinion the poster looks cheap. The body of Micky is a cartoon, but his face is taken from the rubberheads. The hat is a graphic again. Is it so hard to use either a whole Mickey Mouse cartoon or a whole Mickey Mouse character from the parks. And the castle was cheaply photoshoped onto the poster. Well done!


Got a little surprise for you all...dont know if its real or not,it looks like a small video of the upcoming 20th anniversary...Retro style from the looks of it...I haven't watched it yet as I just found it now and wanted to post it for you all!
Source: video of VDR DisneyGazette
Enjoy guys! ;)


Like usual, DLP is getting better with its ideas but not with its execution.

The colours and idea are great but seriously, the photoshopping is terrible! What happened to the beautiful photoshopping we saw in the Magical Moments catalogue, with those gorgeously coloured spreads?


Woah, that poster is... *cough* a bit odd looking. The concept is awesome, but I don't really like it. I still love the logo.

EDIT:  Also WHY are they using an old image of the castle with the horrible gold-gradients. ALSO the "TH" after the 20 stands out too much.
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This may be the first time mickey has scared me. I mean, look at him! He is basically saying: "I'm gonna come into your bedroom at night and watch you sleep!" uuh


Quote from: "peter"This may be the first time mickey has scared me. I mean, look at him! He is basically saying: "I'm gonna come into your bedroom at night and watch you sleep!" uuh

Its the way his pupils aren't even focussed on his hand, or at the viewer... they look dead and distant.


Why is he wearing a suit?


I like the second one it's not too less and not too much :D
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