20th Anniversary (1st April 2012 - March 2013)

Started by JelleP, May 09, 2011, 09:46:27 PM

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Oh God, please NO! And please scrap the lampposts for good!


Quote from: "pfspock"Oh God, please NO! And please scrap the lampposts for good!

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I liked the lampposts for the 15th birthday, especially when they were illuminated. I know they were too big and interfered with the scale of the buildings, but the light effects were cool.

But I prefere a Main Street without any decorations!


I loved it for the one year. The bad idea was to refer the theme on it all the year(s) later.

I would prefer a fitting Main Street USA decoration. Disneyland Anaheim has normaly good ideas how to get the theme of the land into the decoration.
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If they're goona decorate the lamp posts, a better idea would be NO !!! A second good idea would be I SAID NO !! Failing that, have them run parallel to the direction of Main Street so that they dont block the beautiful view of the castle


A few extras...
Quote from: "Anthony"
Quote from: "JelleP"What do we actually already know about what's going to happen during 2012?
- Opening WoD Store in the Disney Village
- Jack Sparrow AA's in PotC
- ...
- Some kind of new evening/nighttime show incorporating fountains in the castle moat: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10945
- Princess Pavilion in Fantasyland (which I keep forgetting about): viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9682
- Possibly Disney Junior Live on Stage! replacing Playhouse Disney unless they do that sooner or not at all?
- And of course, the culmination of all the big refurbishments...


@dlrptoday, a tweeter dedicated to reporting news about the 20th Anniversary, tweeted this an hour ago:

QuoteConfirmed! At the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, a new fireworks display is being created for the 2012 Summer Season.

Not sure where it's been confirmed, but sounds exciting.


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Quote from: "Columbiad"Not sure where it's been confirmed, but sounds exciting.
That's the new evening/nighttime show I mentioned. It's been "confirmed" a while really, well - for as long as we've known that this would be the last season of The Enchanted Fireworks - which was the 2nd April Entertainment meeting, when it was announced a "new type of show" for next year.


I just read on DCP that DLRP might get a "talking" Mickey. Does anyone have any informations about that?
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Yeah, don't limit the show to just fireworks. Sounds quite immersive
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Quote from: "dagobert"I just read on DCP that DLRP might get a "talking" Mickey. Does anyone have any informations about that?
http://disneycentralplaza.englishboard. ... les-20-ans


Hmmmm, I actually hope not. It is one of the most expensive costumes Disney has, I would rather they spend their money on proper entertainment.
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I'm back! Now before I continue this topic is about any new info about the 20th Anniversary! Do you get what I mean? Well...OK! To make it simpler, if you have any new info or rumors about the 20th Anniversary this is the topic to put it in. Get what I mean? Good! So really all I gotta say! Reply beneath please!

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Well, there's a twitter account called dlptwenty that gives away rumours. Here's there most recent one:

"The new nighttime hydrotechnic show will not feature fountains, but curtains of water vapor! Our own WOC becomes a little more "Fantasmic"!"

However, the cast member running the InsideDLParis twitter account responded with this message:

"@dlptwenty Are you sure about that ;-)"

So I'm not sure whether this is true or not. XD In fact, the dlptwenty twitter account doesn't seem to mention any sources at all for the rumours that it posts, so I'm not even sure why I'm following it, to be honest. XD
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Maybe that's referring to 'are you sure that there won't be fountains'? It seems very odd that they'd put a water screen in front of the castle, those things are huge and would drench the bridge!
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