Rides and attractions for young children !

Started by Disney Magic, May 28, 2015, 10:15:27 AM

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Can any1 suggest attractions for young children!

R there any rides that young children can go on?
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R there rides that young children and the whole family can enjoy?
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Disney Magic

We r going to disney in August and we have only just realised that small world is closed!!!!!!
This is my youngest daughters favourite ride and we have had to make up an excuse saying that small world is broken.
My daughter is devastated so we need to find another ride for her 2 go on !
We have already thought of slinky dog zig zag spin but we need some that she will enjoy and the whole family will enjoy!
My daughter is 5 but very small 4 her age (the size of a 3 year old)
R there any rides that u can suggest
Thank you !!!!!!


Cassey's train
The boats through the lands of the different stories
Mad Hatter's Tea Cups
Peter Pan's Flight
Caroussel Lancelot
Orbitron - with you in a car
why not Buzz?

If she's not afraid - Pinoccio and Sleeping Beauty

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all of the above:
(minus maybe Orbitron, Buzz, Pinocchio, Snow White depending on the child)

-Flying Carpets over Agrabah (in studios)
-Cars Quatre Roues Rallye (in studios)
-Maybe Ratatouille??? (in studios) (was still being built when I last went)


Pirates of the Caribbean, our little ones loved it! There's also the riverboats around big thunder, treehouse and adventure isle. All lots of fun for exploring.
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Disney Magic

Thank you everyone we will defiantly go on those rides !!!!! :D :D :D


Ratatouille might be a but full on as there are a couple of jumpy bits.... Great ride though if you think they will go ok with it.
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We got back last night and my nearly 2 year old girl loved IASM so I definitely feel for you. She did however also love Peter Pan (expect long queues), Pirates and Buzz. She hated Snow White (even though that's her fav princess and we have to watch the film every night)! Why oh why they made the ride scary I do not know! Such a shame.


My 4 year old loves Buzz, it's probably her favourite ride (though she likes spinning more than actually shooting...). She also really likes the teacups, going around Alice's Labyrinth (I think because we let her go first and tell us where to go...), Peter Pan, Pinocchio and Snow White (although it is a bit scary), and Le Pays des Contes des Fees. Casey Jr she doesn't seem to enjoy so much, she gets a bit scared when it goes a bit faster, and on the last couple of trips she didn't want to do it.

Dumbo and Orbitron (and the Flying Carpets in the Studios) are also popular with her (though Dumbo is probably her favourite of the 3)

Last time we went she had a real passion for the dragon under the Castle, we had to go a see it 4 or 5 times... Oh, the Castle gallery is also a favourite!

We also like going on the Riverboat, or exploring around Adventure Isle.

In the Studios, going to see Princess Sofia in Disney Jr is one of her favourite things! Personally I really don't like that show, once was enough for me, but she really likes it. Then there's Animagique (another must with her), and Cars. We did Rataouille once with her and she seemed to enjoy it, but afterwards she said she was a bit scared and we haven't been back with her (she was scared when the Chef's hand comes out the wall to try to catch us)

Oh, and meeting characters or course! We always do Meet Mickey Mouse in Fantasyland, and try to meet some more characters in the Studios.Plus the Parade of course (last time she got Anna to wave to her, she's still very excited about it)

We went once when IASW was closed, she did ask to go on it a few times until we took her to see it was closed, after that she was OK. There are so many things to do, she quickly got over it!!

Hope you have a great trip :)

She's doesn't like Pirates though, nor Phantom Manor.


never2old, you tell about Disney Jr. in the Studios. We never made it. My daughter will be 11, when we go at Christmas. Is it worth or we better not loose time there?

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Cant believe that nobody is bigging up Disney Junior and Stitch Live, both are BRILLIANT for younger kids and entertaining for the older but still young at heart!

Disney Junior has a great pre-show whilst queing, with projected entertainment, plus meet, greet and dance with Princess Sofia and Jake the Pirate, and the main show itself is a really, really cool puppet show with a live presenter, an awesome, ever changing set, funky technical effects, and stuff coming from the ceiling like bubbles, glitter etc. Its a large "sit on the (carpeted) floor kind of show, and I've never seen it where the whole young audience weren't entirely captivated, playing, singing, dancing and joining in. The show is around 20 mins long and has sections with Mickey & Friends, Pooh & Friends, Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, and another bit at the end with Mickey and friends. It's really, really good. Probably the best orchestrated puppet show I've ever seen.

Stitch Live is like a small cinema (kids can sit at the front if they want) with a "live" version of Stitch that intereacts very cleverly with the kids and the audience. Its really fun and again, kids absolutely love it. Similarly to Disney Junior there is a lot of pre-show entertainment so the really young won't get bored whilst queuing.

Other than those two, as already mentioned, Animagique, Its a Small World, Teacups, Dumbo and Toy Story Playland (Slinky Dog ride, probably not the otehr two) will be firm favourites for little ones.

I'd thoroughly recomend finding out the Storybook land boats ("pay de cont de fees" or something French that I can't spell!), these are brilliant for young ones :)


Quote from: samuelvictor on June 08, 2015, 08:26:21 PM
Cant believe that nobody is bigging up Disney Junior and Stitch Live.....

Actually when answering to the question some time ago I really tried hard NOT to list all the attractions (except from these roller coaster-scarry types)  ;D

All is suited well for kids and for grown um kids too. I looove Stich live, it's always such a fun.

And till now we haven't been to Disney Junior, so that is going to be a must when visiting in winter.

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Haha yes me too. Glad it's not just me that loves Stitch!

Disney Jr really is a fantastic show, as long as you can stomach the fact it's intended for pre-school aged children and won't find it too sweet.


My boys are 19 months and they loved Buzz Lightyear, Pirates, Orbitron, Dumbo and Stitch Live. I doubt they really knew what was going on, but they really really loved those rides in particular. Cars and the Teacups were also favourites.