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Started by Owain, October 30, 2006, 05:02:35 PM

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I'd love to see Splash Mountain come to Frontierland. I recall seeing some official plans online for it, so it definitely is/was being considered. Does anyone know what plans I'm talking about? It'd be nice to see them again.

As for the Song of the South theme, I agree the movie is old and not a lot of people know it. However, just because the movie isn't popular, doesn't mean the characters and story aren't good for an attraction. Splash Mountain is still REALLY popular in Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland, so the Song of the South theme can't be too bad. Guests clearly are entertained by the characters, enjoy the styling, and remember the music.

That said, there are some alternative themes I can think of:

- Pooh Stick Mountain. The Pooh characters are great and there are lots of Pooh songs which could be used in the attraction. Winnie The Pooh isn't very Wild West, but I'm sure he could be integrated into this quiet, country-ranch area of Frontierland.

- Woody Mountain. He's a cowboy and he's PIXAR, so I guess it could work in Frontierland. But I think there's enough PIXAR in the parks now.


A Splash Mountain would be great in DLRP, im a big fan of the one in Florida and they wouldn't have to necessarily use the song of the south theme, they could somehow fit it in with the story of Frontierland and Thunder Mesa, it could have a sort of mine theme.. Explore the mines via a boat/log and then take a wrong turning and end up falling down a waterfall or something along those lines.

DLRP definatly needs a good log flume.  :D

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Oo, i like pooh stick mountain. They definitely need a winnie the pooh ride and for some reason, i think winnie the pooh fits in with the theme. It could be really cute. I may be going a bit crazy, but the water could be honey! Also, in Splash Mountain there's that whole honey baby thing.

I think that a splash mountain needs an unrealistic feel. Like i think it has to have disney characters or cute little animal creatures which talk. If they put in a ride about mining or the demise of the thunder mountain, it would be too dark, and take some of the disney feel out of the park.


Im not being vain but im glad i made this topic because its nice to see peoples ideas and to learn that so many people are wishing for dlrp to get a splash mountain. Does anyone no the chances of dlrp getting a splash mountain and if so any possible dates or years  ?


I actually think Winnie The Pooh is very compatible with Splash Mountain. You could take Splash Mountain as it is, the mountain, the layout, and keep it all the same. You'd just have to have different interior scenes, characters and music. But a lot of the attraction could remain the same, and retain the same warm, playful, uplifting tone.

Splash Mountain and Winnie The Pooh actually already have a link. When the ride opened at Disney World in 1992, they had a lot of Winnie The Pooh merchandise in the Briar Patch store. And the characters really looked at home in that shop, alongside characters from Song of the South. Plus, over at Disneyland in California, Splash Mountain and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are opposite each other in Critter Country, the land of bears and other animals. So they've already been paired up by Disney.

The main selling point of using Winnie The Pooh is that the cartoons/films have a lot of really great songs in them. And one of the most prominent features of Splash Mountain is that it's a musical journey. Splash Mountain has three very memorable songs in it:

- How Do You Do?
- Ev'rybody Has a Laughing Place
- Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

So for a Pooh Stick Mountain, you could just swap this songs with some of the following:

- The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
- Up, Down and Touch the Ground
- Winnie the Pooh
- Rumbly In My Tumbly
- A Rather Blustery Day
- Heffalumps and Woozles
- Little Black Rain Cloud
- The Rain, Rain, Rain, Came Down, Down Down

They're all really great songs, and there's lots of potential and ideas there to build a 12 minute ride around. But if you stick with the same songs/order as The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh ride at the Magic Kingdom you'd get:

- A Rather Blustery Day
- The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
- Heffalumps and Woozles
- The Rain, Rain, Rain, Came Down, Down Down
- Winnie The Pooh


Quote from: "Alan"- Woody Mountain. He's a cowboy and he's PIXAR, so I guess it could work in Frontierland. But I think there's enough PIXAR in the parks now.

I LOVE the pooh stck mountain idea!! The woody mountain i dont realli like the idea of again because i think that there is waaaay too much pixar film based attractions in the parks at the minute but it would be nice as DLRP allready have buzz lightyears laser blasters soo why not give woody his own ride too
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Speaking of Woody, couldn't the Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery in Frontierland be rethemed as Woody's Roundup Shootin' Gallery? It could include all the roundup characters (Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, Stinky Pete) incorporating a little bit of PIXAR into Frontierland, but not too much :-) It'd surely be cheap to implement and bring something fresh to Frontierland.


I'm not sure that the British Hundred Acre Wood fits well with an old Western ranch though...

Don't forget, Disney has its own team of barnyard characters that would work perfectly in a Cottonwood Creek Ranch version of Splash Mountain.  No, not Home on the Range... Mickey, Donald, and co!  They all started out as barnyard characters of mice, ducks, cats and dogs.

So in the vein of "Boat Builders", Mickey and the gang (in their old black and white retro styles) are testing out a fun new ride through water canals in the farmyard.  When you reach the top of the mound, Donald goes "uh oh!" and you switch onto the huge downward waterfall.  They could still use the Song of the South songs, and maybe even mix a few of the characters in.  It wouldn't be so cheap or garish though - a very classic theme in-keeping with the ranch, but something nice and lighthearted for Frontierland.

If Splash Mountain is massively popular with the Song of the South characters no-one even knows, imagine if they added in Mickey's original barnyard gang! :o

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Maybe even a brother bear themed splash mountain.


I'm not sure anyone even remembers that movie...  It was set in the northern mountains of the USA too, wasn't it?  Quite a way from the Far West.

More likely than all these is probably just some fairly generic Wild West theme - I remember talking on DLP.info years about something like "White Water Goldrush", where you're actually launched out of the mountain by a dynamite blast in the flooded mine below - mixing in a bit of the old Geyser Mountain concept.  More of an Expedition Everest-type theme, maybe?  Hey - they could even have a backwards flume!

I think anything and everything will depend on how the European public welcome Tower of Terror, since its not character-based... :?


I think that sounds like an excellent idea, i like the idea of being launched out of the mountain by a dynamite blast!  :D

Just because its Disney doesn't mean that it has to be based on Disney characters.. BTM isn't really based on any characters and that is very popular, also ToT is very popular in the US and i know i can't wait to ride the DLP version, im sure it will be just as popular here in Europe.  :P

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Does anyone no if a splash mountain came to the disneyland park if they would make the new land ' Critter Country ' ?


Hi there,

I'm new to this forum but was reading the topics before. I used to work at DLRP from February 1992 to December 1998. I was sent in Florida for 2 years during an exchange program. In 1993 I was lucky to have my office just beside Space Mountain Project Manager office and could follow on the progress of the construction. I did ask about Splash Mountain and a person from Disney Imagineering told me that Splash Mountain was mentioned for Paris but due to the weather (too cold in winter) the attraction would be closed too many month and would be too costly to maintain yearly based on the number of operating months. At this time you will never see a Splash Mountain at DLRP. Sorry!


That may be, but times have moved on lately and technology improves there is plenty of ways to stop the water from soaking people in the winter and making sure they are soaked in the summer.  One thing most other water rides in Europe seem to fail to realise (Valhalla imparticular :lol:) .  Also operating and maintaining, dlrp seem to be able to handle autopia, and the storybookland area so I do not see why seasonal closure would be of any problem, if this had to happen.  Of course as Baloo said ToT will need to be seen first to determine what does come next and if it is splash what it could possibly be based around.

Also I doubt dlrp would create a critter country, it would work fine at the back of Frontierland in its own little area, no need for a new land, nor is there really any space, maybe just a mild retheme.  Especially now the Critter Corral seems to be completely empty.

Still water rides seem to be becoming ever so popular in Europe, especially as the weather gets hotter with the aid of global warming :wink: .  Maybe someday soon it will be time for dlrp to move with the times with their very own fully soaking water attraction.


I'm still determined to have Pooh Stick Mountain. But I also liked that old school Disney one. How about the muppets?

I think the whole problem is that they they already have a generic ride in Frontierland, BTM. Frontierland, in my opinion, is already WAY too generic and not that Disney, it's probably the least Disney land in the park.

It's not that I would be really annoyed with a generic ride, I would just be more happy with a cute one. After all, what would seperate it from BTM other than more water?