How much did you pay for Your Trip?

Started by DisneyHolli, February 04, 2011, 08:27:35 PM

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As I said, it is without tickets, so there is no park admission.
That is obviously per room and not per person.
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Wow, £460 per room per night? Is that really how much it costs in the low season? I was sure it used to be less than that.

Wait a minute. I've just done a lot of searching using the Online Booking System on the DLP website, and the cheapest price coming up is £714 for 1 night at the Disneyland Hotel, for 2 adults. That price does include park tickets, but no transportation. It seems totally ridiculous for a 1 night holiday. I mean, the Disneyland Hotel is a lovely hotel, but that price is just a rip-off:

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In fact, as Disney offers lots of promotions, the real price is not as expensive.
Nevertheless, prices go up continuously...
About the price you have found : it is quite expensive because there is no discount.
I have searched the same on the french website and there is 30% off. Thus, it costs €564.20 or £475.80.
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Hence why although the DLH is my fav in Paris, we prefer to stay in the Villa. The DLH is good, but for that sort of money, Tokyo Disney Sea looks more obtainable.
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i think we paid around £1600 for 3 adults in the DLH for 4 nights 5 days, 1 night in the explorers, and flights... oh and we had the expence of new passports for all 3 of us at about £90 each as well....for the 30th of jan - 4th feb 2011 with 40% off but we booked way in advance.... we where booked up in july last year im not certain about that price though...i know it was def over £1500 though
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I think I did ok for my stay. 2 adults staying in Cheyenne for 3 nights 4 days. The cost of the hotel, tickets, transport (eurostar) and halfboard meal plan has cost me £640.20 for the first week of March.


4 of us (me, the wife and 2 kids aged 1 and 3) are going on the 21st March for 5 days staying at the Davy Crocket ranch (premium cabin). We paid £500 but booked eurotunnel on top of that (£80 return)

Can't wait


Got a bargain in my opinion... we are off tomorrow (train leaves in 11 hours but who's counting?) and I am very excited :)

3 days/2 nights at Santa Fe for me and my daughter (3) with half board meal plan 240 euro (about £200) plus the Eurostar for £80 :) Well I'm happy with that!

May be our only trip this year as me and the other half are planning on working our arses off and saving for Florida this time next year (OH is a massive NFL fan so wants to be there next feb for the Superbowl)

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I have just booked 2nights 3 days for 2 adults 2 children in newport bay half term for £432!!! bargain cant wait! accomodation only as we are in france visiting relatives so transport dont count to much to us!
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So jealous of the good deals everyone got here... my own fault for booking HNY for July I suppose. Also doesn't help that I don't have children so I get no extra benefit from the Kids stay and play offers.
Was just over £1400 for 3 of us to stay 3 nights at Hotel New York, with flights and insurance at the start of July, so pretty expensive really (especially for me, as my little sister can't pay for herself).

Just out of curiousity, how many of you travel direct from London/Kent, and price journey to there seperately?
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For 2 adults and 2 children 11 and 14 years old (14 counts for adult), we paid for 4 nights at Newport Bay Club from Dec. 28th 2010 until Jan. 1st 2011, plus VEA, plus meals:  2.800 euros.
I know that Christmas period is extremely expensive but I can see that prices for UK are completely different, this is a shame.
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We did eurostar last Feb and payed separatly. was around £400 cheaper to book accomodation then book eurostar 12 weeks in advance
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Hi, I haven't broken it down but I paid just over £1200.00 for 5days/4nights in Sequoia lodge for 2 adults and 1 child(6) with half board plus,eurotunnel return transport and insurance from Feb18th - 22nd.
Looking at other peoples post's, I can't work out if i got a good deal or not! Still, I expect it will be worth every penny just to see my daughters face when she meets Winnie the poo and the Princesses!


£710 for two adults and a toddler 5 days/4nights @ Santa Fe including Air France flights from Newcastle and transfers.


We paid £767 for 2 adults and 1 child for  2 nights/3 days in the Disneyland Hotel including the Eurostar in Feb 2011.
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