How much did you pay for Your Trip?

Started by DisneyHolli, February 04, 2011, 08:27:35 PM

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Just out of interest, i was wondering how much people prayed for their tip ! Who got the best deal?
State all the info ^_^

I go to Disneyland Paris on Fen the 6th for 5days  4 night at the Santa Fe By Euro Star -£260 each ^_^


Just booked a trip for 2 adults 16 - 19 Feb.
3 nights Sequoia Lodge standard room in the lodges + 4 days parks £390.
Eurostar/TGV there and Eurostar direct back £180.
So £285 each in total.

Very excited. Wanted to do Florida for the first time this month but we were worried it was slightly outside our budget so opted for this instead. Would rather do proper Disney hotel in DLP than Florida on a shoestring.


I got a good deal last September:

Two adults, staying at the Santa Fe for 4 nights/5days with tickets, travelling by Eurostar with Disney express included for £486, so £243 each -

We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge last time but decided to have an extra night and go for the Santa fe :)

I arrive there on Sunday! (Already looking at booking again lol)


Taking advantage of kids under 12 free.  Myself 3 kids and 1 infant staying in Hotel New York for 4 nights for £486.  Booked last June when I got 4 nights for the price of 2.  Flights from Dublin are about €80 each.
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Quote from: "princessemily"Taking advantage of kids under 12 free.  Myself 3 kids and 1 infant staying in Hotel New York for 4 nights for £486.  Booked last June when I got 4 nights for the price of 2.  Flights from Dublin are about €80 each.

very similar story with me - one adult, 2 kids age 9 and 10, 4 nights/5days at the Santa Fe, total £247 (and we're going on St Patricks Day so we get Disney fireworks thrown in  :D/ ). Our flights are just under £50 return each, transfer £20 each return.



This trip will be very cheap for us at Easter. Tescos took care of the Eurotunnel crossing, so just the fuel and tolls (so about £100).  Our Villa is a 900 euro maintenance each year for 7 nights (2 bedroom villa with lounge, diner, kitchen, laundry room, 2.5 bathrooms). And our AP's are still good and more than paid for themselves last year.

So all told, £200 each for 8 days!
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900 Euros for 7 nights works out as 128.57 per night, which is £108 per night. I guess that's actually really good value for the size of accommodation you're getting. And that's not £108 per person per night, is it? That's the total amount.

So is that a timeshare or something? Where is it located?


Yes it is total. It is the Marriott Vacation Club on the DLP Golf Course. Although to be fair it was 14,000 euros to buy a week, but we have the deed for 75 years. Although we keep getting extras and have swapped to Marriott Villas in California and Spain as well, and earnt bonus weeks to where I feel we have recouped the investment, so I do not factor it in.

To be fair, I suppose if you work the business case fully it is £1000 for a week, and the annual passes do cost, so if you split them over the two years (though we used them for 11 days last year, so I consider them paid for), it is £320 for 1/2 half a year (we try to schedule trips so we buy an AP to cover two holidays at least). So best case works out £108 a night, or £27 per person per day, and worst case is £188.57 or £47 per person per day.

The business case just worked out that since I had been to DLP about 40 or so times before we bought in, 100's of Disney trips if you count Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It seemed like a no brainer, especially as the resort pools, spa, and activities including kids club are also fun, and there is so much to see in the region.

If interested, even just for renting, have a look at this: ... de-france/

And there are loads of pictures in my trip report. We stayed in the Hotel New York in August with friends as we got a £200 travel agent rate for 3 nights, but we were really disappointed and the kids missed the villa.
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Disney no longer advertise them, but it is next to the Radison SAS, and some villas you can see the Newport Bay Club from. The service is superior to the Disney hotels. The downside for some is there is not a restaurant, and you have to pay for the bus. This is not an issue for us as I prefer driving, and the APs mean parking is free. We also like dining out in Val D'Europe. Now the Disney restaurants have converted so many to buffets of dubious quality, we feel we have a better choice with having the car.
since 2001 (many before that)


We did our 2 night/3 day trip to Sequoia Lodge for 3 adults for £348 for hotel/park passes, plus £197 total for Eurostar along with later adding £16 pp for the Disney Express which brought it up to £593 or £193 per person, which I thought was a fantastic deal (on the 40% off period) and if we could get an equivalent price again we would be back like a shot next year, possibly spending a little more to go to NPB or HNY or maybe going for Santa Fe or Cheyenne instead


mmm on looking at your deals I dont think mine is so hot...going on the 3 of April 2011 3 days 2 nights flights transfers and insurance and 3 days 2 nites cheyenne all your meals for free cost 998 euro that is for one adult and one child but now classed as adult disney standard as she is 13.  But at least all meals are covered this time.

Trendy Bambi

I booked 4 days/3 nights at the Disneyland Hotel in april. With tickets, planes from Nice, VEA shuttles, half board Premium and insurance, it costs about €2,000 (about £1,680) for 2 adults.
Cannot wait to be there again, even though it is in more than 2 months!
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How much does the Disneyland Hotel typically cost per night in a standard room?

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It depends on the day of your check in.
For example, if you are arriving on tomorrow, it would cost €512 (about £430) per night (without tickets). But if you arrive on next saturday, it would be €904 (about £760).
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£460 per night? Is that per person, or just for one room in total? And does that figure include park admission, or is that just for the room?