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Started by lil-shawn, January 24, 2011, 10:10:18 AM

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Hey ya Guy´s,

before i start to present my idea of a new Disney Park, i would realy love to
know what your wishes were. If Disney would ask the Fan Comunity what they would
like to see, or whats a no go, what would you say?

In the next few day´s am going to finish the ideas for the new park, it will be the basic idea
no deep details, for this i would need more time LOL.

Have fun to post your wishes for the new Park, or your biggest no go´s for a new Park.


Taking DLRP's financial situation, I would think that DLRP would get a copy of an existing Disney Park, to save developement costs.
I would be very happy to get a copy of Tokyo DisneySea, but I doubt that such an amazing park will ever be recreated. An EPCOT style park would also be fine.

I know what I don't want: A Marvel superhero park.


First i have to say that somehow no one want clones, everything should be original, on the other side everyone want
tokyo disney sea. Sure its realy one of the greatest disney parks ever, but i don´t think this park will get cloned.

After the messed up Disney´s California Adventure 2001 (who needs now a billion dollar makeover for quality theme and to draw in more visitors) after the parkinglot park Walt Disney Studios 2002 (who still is the same ugly and boring place) and Hong Kong Disneyland 2005 (who got build to small and needs now also a big budget expansion to get the visitors) disney realy need´s to go back into the time when DisneySea and Disneyland Paris got build.

Disneyland Paris need a 3rd Gate, rich in storytelling, theming and quality. Because they don´t know now what to do with WDS and they won´t know it 10years later, they should think about stopp throwing in money in something that can´t get done right and save it and spend it on a new park in disneyland park quality.

My idea is to take the rich landscape, quality in theme from Disney Sea and Disneyland Paris, Some Attractions from the parks around the world set in new settings, the culinary world from EPCOT and voila we have a new park in true disney style.


Another dual player since you have to be Baby-T on another Disney forum.

I love how you discribed WDS, but unfortunately it is so true, despite being improved a bit. For example I really like the area around TOT. As long as Disney will not build a Marvel park and no cheap park a la WDS or DCA I'm fine.

But I have to disagree with you on not spending money on WDS. I think the park can be fixed with a big amount of money and the removal of newly built attractions. Disney did the same with DCA. Maybe in a few years we will see the removal of TSPL to build a "real" studio park. As long as DLP has to suffer bad maintenance and WDS not being fixed, I don't think DLRP should think about a third park.

Your ideas about a new park sound good and I also think that Tokyo DisneySea will never get cloned. It's a masterpiece and the park would fit in any Disney resort, even if it isn't at the coast.


QuoteAnother dual player since you have to be Baby-T on another Disney forum.
Hehe damn you got me...  :lol:
QuoteI love how you discribed WDS, but unfortunately it is so true, despite being improved a bit. For example I really like the area around TOT. As long as Disney will not build a Marvel park and no cheap park a la WDS or DCA I'm fine
I argee, the Area of TOT is great, everytime am at the Studios this is the place i hang out moste of the time. I don´t have any problem with marvel as long as they just make a land at the studios, but a whole park would be sick...
QuoteBut I have to disagree with you on not spending money on WDS. I think the park can be fixed with a big amount of money and the removal of newly built attractions. Disney did the same with DCA. Maybe in a few years we will see the removal of TSPL to build a "real" studio park. As long as DLP has to suffer bad maintenance and WDS not being fixed, I don't think DLRP should think about a third park.
Sure WDS can get fixed, with a makeover like at DCA, but as long this wont happen i think spending less money on this park and save it for a new one, who gets done right in the first place..
If they would go back to the quality of Disneyland Park and Disney Sea for a 3rd gate, i would not complain about the lack at the studios.

And now i begin with my Idea, it would be a dream park for me...


DisneyEarth is a Park dedicated to the rich History, Legends, Mythic Storys and Nature of the World.
The Highly themed environment takes you back in Time and in new Worlds. This high quality Park shows you the
Work and Storytelling Disney and Disney Imagineers are known for. The Parks layout is like the one from EPCOT, it will have 3 big Lands, Historica wich will have different Lands or Pavillions, Natures Wonderland and Mythica. The Buget for this Project is set on $2.5 Billion for Phase 1, wich includes:

Hotel and Entrance: You enter the Park through Turnstiles in front of the Hotel, than you pass under the Hotel, themed to a American Cevil War time period and Enter the Park (The Idea is from TDS Entrance). Now you are at the
first Land/ Pavilion.

A Bridge leads you from the Hotel over a River or Canal (where you can take a boat ride) to a Cevil War themed Village (kind of Main Street USA) and Harbour. Here you find Shops, Restaurants and Meet and Greets.

(Concept Art from Disney´s America, a never build Park)
After passing the Bridge, you enter the Village. If you pass half the way down the Street, you can walk right to a
little side Street who leads you to an Attraction.

Industrial Revolution: This Coaster ride travels through a Landscape with Heavy Industry and blast furnaces.
On either Side of the Coaster, you can explore American technology that have defined the American industry in that Time.

(Concept Art from Disney´s America)

Now you can walk back the side Street to the main Street of this Land, go right again and walk to the end . now your
at the Harbour, here you find the Viewing area for the Nighttime Show, a Ship from the time of the Boston Tea Party, and other Props. The Ship is a little Walk Through Attraction. The Nighttime Show will be shown 5 Time in the Week.

World of Magic: This Show uses the Technic from World of Color, Pyro from illumination and part of the Story and
Props from TDS Legends of Mythica. Disney Characters from Movies like, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Poccahontas, Rapunzel, Spring Sprite and the Fire Bird, and other Villains will also be shown. Some of the Movies will Represent some of the Lands or Pavillions from Historica.

This is the first part. Next Time we are going clock wise around the park. Hope you liked it so far.
I know some Attractions will be clones from other Parks, but it will have also some unique Attractions.
So keep Looking for the second part...


Finally I found some time to read your ideas about a new park. In general I think you have some very good ideas, but I don't like the name of the park. It sounds a bit lame to me.

The only thing I'm not too happy about is that it is centered so much about the American influence on industrial revolution. Here in Europe it should be about the European history of the industry. For example England, since it was there where the steam train and other machines related to steam were invented.

I can't wait to see the other parts.


Thats just a little part of the whole park, this american section is not much bigger than main street usa...

yeah the park name is not good i know. this was the first one i came up with and used it. i have another one called
DisneyHistorica. but i think this won´t work too, because of the mythica land and the nature wonderland. maybe someone come up wit ha good name of it when the whole thing is done :-)

by the way thanks for your compliment...
And here its Part Two of my 3rd Park Idea.

QuoteNow we are going clock wise from the American Harbour and Travel back in Time
and Welcome you in the...

You walk on a Bridge over the Canal and step into Venice or you take the Canal Boats from American Harbour and drive to
Venice, because the Canal will go through this part of Land. On the Venice Islands you have Shops, Restaurants, Meet and Greets and nice Street Entertainment through the Year. In Phase 1, this land has two Attractions, a nice themed Carousel for the little ones and a Family Attraction.
This Attraction is themed to Leonardo DaVinci. The ride Sytem is a mix of Peter Pan and Buzz Lightyear. You step into the
house of Leonardo, here you see sculptures he created. Next you enter the Ride Vehicle, who looks like his idea of an Helicopter.

on this Vehicle are laser guns or better Paintbrush installed. The idea is that you fly wit hthe Helicopter out of DaVincis Garden and into a big Gallery, here is your mission to Paint all the Paintings Leonardo created in Color. After you exit the ride you in Venice again. A lot of Expansion room is left for new great Attractions.

Now we have to cross the Canal again on a Bridge and step in, into the Renaissance France area. Maybe its not realy the Renaissance anymore, i think its more part of the next land...

First you will enter Belles Village, a copy of the new Fantasyland Expansion from WDW, but with some changes. The Village will be bigger, for Shops you realy see in the Movie, Restaurants like Gastons Taverne
Belles Cottage or however its called

here you can meet Belle. A great Dark Ride based on The Beauty and the Beast, set in Belles Village. If you go ahead you come to the Beasts Castle

Here you find the Be our Guest Restaurant

and you find a Second Attraction, inside the Castles Kitchen. A Cars Race Ralley Style Attraction, themed to Madame Pottine and Tassimo.

The Next stop in France is Paris. Here you find the Musical Stage Show, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. You find this Show inside a replica of the Notre Dame. The Parisean Village is themed to look, like in the movie. at the Plaza you have a Market and a Year long Festival of Fools, a new kind of street entertainment.

If you walk ahead you come into a Forest. Here you will find the Seven Dwarfes Mine Train

also a copy of the Fantasyland Expansion at WDW. A few meters ahead you find the Restaurant from Tangled

right behint it is the Rapunzel Tower, it is a Walk Through Attraction, here you will have a great view over the whole land.

Next will be a england style Medieval town and castle, maybe based on the sword in the stone, the black caultron, robin hood ect. this part of the land will just a smal bit, but a lot of expansion land will be left for future Attractions, shops, meet and greets and many more.

Now moving ahead and you will be at the end of the Renaissance and the Medieval Europe. We are going again clockwise to the left over a Bridge again and Step into a New Land.

The next Land i will show you the next time on Part 3. I hope you liked it so far.
if you use your imagination you know how everything can work thogether and how you can make the transition
between the Lands, to give you a hint. (Trees)  :lol:

Oh and because this is a big Park not a tiny one like WDS the lands are just Half done, but rich in theming, so a lot of
expansion will be possible in the future. I know all Attractions of Part 2 are Movie based, but maybe one of you find a unique one, not movie based who will fit the themes.


these ideas are amazing, whilst i think it shouldn't be so americanised as you enter. the france idea is really great, but your ideas sound slightly too europa park. if it has extra disneyness then it would be okay


Thanks for the Compliments guy´s but your right its to much Americanised and sounds to much of Europa Park...
Thats the reason i worked on a Park Plan of the 3rd Park, also it will be complet different than what i postet above.
The Plan isn´t done yet but what i can say it looks Colorful :-P
New Lands, great Rides, and a complete new Park Name. Some Ideas from the Old one above i do incorporate.

but first i have to beginn with something different before i start with the new park.
Discoveryland will get a complete Reimagination. the whole project start on April 12. 2017
Autopia will get Closedand makes space for 1 big new Restaurant Visionairs Café
and 2 Attractions Da Vinci Airocopter and 20 000 Leagues under the Sea.
1 year later in 2018 the Attractions and the Restaurant opens but Space Mountain gets closed, The Train Station,
Captain Eo, Star Traders and Star Tours get closed and demolished to make room for the New Disneyland Railroad Station, Disney Electric Railway Station and the High Top Restaurant (a club 33 kind of restaurant, for all Ap´s) Space mountain will
get ne Trains, high deffinition on board sound system, HD effects and the from the earth to the moon theme. operating date is 2019.

The Electric Railway will just run from Discoveryland to Hotel New York and Back. in 2020 the Electric Raylway will go from Discoveryland-to-Hotel New York-to-New Park and all the Way Back. The Idea behind it you will understand when i Start with the new Park idea.


Your ideas are great. You should try to draw a park map of the new park.



Just want to share my thought of the third gate using your concept:

If you want to do different pavillions you could also admit other lands like: Africa, Arabia, China.

Three Main rides:
1. Jungle Cruise (but with caracters from the movie Jungle book)
2. Timon and Pumbas River Rafting (like Grizzly river run, but with carachters from The Lion King, imagine Pumba soaking you down with water from his mouth etc.)
3. You could also visit the Lion Cliff, walktrough attraction.

Three Main rides:
1. Put the magic Carpets from WDS in here instead.
2. Do a dark ride of Aladdin where you could transfer like Peter Pans flight but on a carpet. It could be a bit terrifying with scenes from the cave and Jafar!
3. Maybe a Prince of Persia coaster inside a temple or a Prince of Persia Adventure similar to Indiana Jones adventure!

At least one main ride:
1. Dragon Mushu (from the movie Mulan, you could have a big rollercoaster who travels in the chinese village/city, the train would be a dragonbased train, and maybe you would "hang-under the track" like the ones in Universal studios Orlando.

Just some ideas :)

Keep up the good work!


Thanks ChrisKross and Dagobert for your ideas and your compliments. The
park plan isn´t complete, still have a little patch of land available...
If Arabia and China would fit, i think i will use it LOL...

I try to get done with it in the next few days. it isn´t perfect, but i think it will give you a little
idea on the layout and scale. At the moment i found something i don´t like and it should get redone,
but the problem is, if i would do it i have to the whole map again, and this was a lot of work....

In the time you have to wait for the Map and the new description, i give you the new Park Name and Logo!


Please ChrisKross, no more toons in the park. Disney parks when they opened had toons largely relegated to Fantasyland. The parks were about recreating a perfect view of history or far off places. That is what make me a fan of the Parks over 35 years ago. I have not got to the point where I HATE the toons.
since 2001 (many before that)


I think the idea of a marvel park as a third gate was a good one.  If Disney has spent however many millions of dollars purchasing the marque then they should do something...  They can't in the States because Universal Studios have dibs on them, but that's not to stop them opening a Marvel park at the most popular Disney park outside America.  My Son would go ballistic if he could meet the 'real' Ironman.
Just like we dreamed it


The idea of a marvel park is a bad Idea, first the ownership of marvel is to young to get identified with disney and second, it fits more to the theme of the Disney Studios as an extra big Land.

just my 2 cents on it.