What characters would you like to see more off?

Started by ben mcqueen, January 04, 2011, 07:27:24 PM

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Pete's Dragon

The Seven Dwarfs, all standing together.

 And Stitch with a better costume, there's somewthing about his head that's just not right  :?


Quote from: "15MagicalYears"I'd like to see characters in lands coordinating with themselves, like in my recent trip I saw Gepetto and Eeyore in Adventureland together. How confusing? Both have nothing to do with each other and neither of their stories happen in an exotic location :? .

I'd also like to see some characters that are popular in the other resorts find their way to DLP, like Marie or Thumper & Miss Bunny.

Eeyore was clearly lost,but Gepetto kinda fits with the area, the wreck of a ship on the shoreline (it backs onto the Fantasyland borders), is his ship washed up after defeating Monstro, so as long as he's around there he's fitting!

Marie used to be out and about loads a few years ago, Toon Studio and Main St in the mornings were her usual haunts I seem to recall!

I'd love to see a more consistant way of finding villains, maybe similarly to how we're getting a Princess Pavillion, a Ghastly Grotto or something tucked away in the corner of Adventureland, as if they've all been banished to a remote jungle and you can visit them? It's something I'd be far more interested in than Princesses..
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The 7 dwarfs used to be out in late 90's. I have them recorded all of them together at once...
I'd like to see Esmeralda, Pocahontas, Robin & Maid Marian more often. I've seen them in the past, but they are so rare unfortunately. I wished Esmeralda und Pocahontas as well as Meg, would be more important. But i know, they are not princesses.. Although Pocahontas actually is :-k  That makes me thing of Jane.. But she is busy at the moment ;)
I also prefer characters in their fitting environment. Pocahontas in Frontierland etc. Or characters dressed to fit, like the fab 5 dressed in jungle costumes in Adventureland and so on.. In the late 90's i saw them pretty often like that.


The 101 dalmatians ... well obviously not all of them just 1 such as patch or pongo or something :) hmm and more of the beauty and the beast characters like lumier !


I very much would like to see the introduction of Wall-E and the return of the Ewoks in Discoveryland. The Hunchback of Notre Dame characters (Clopin, Quasimodo, Esmeralda etc) always bring back memories of the 5th Anniversary, so I would like to see them more often aswell (why no carnaval in Fantasyland in February/March?). And last but not least, it would be great to see more characters surrounding the Fab 5: Max, Roger Rabbit, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Clarabella, Horace Horsecollar, Clara Cluck to name a few. Is Clarice still in the Studios?

Above all, like Dave already mentioned, I would like to see an increase in streetmosphere. The Dapper Dan's and the pianist at Casey's Corner should return, together with the Cinefolies in the Studios. Can anyone still remember the cancan dancers in the Lucky Nugget Saloon and Zorro in Frontierland back in the early years? If I remember correctly there was a small stuntshow on the roof of Fuento del Oro.


I'll agree with those above asking for Wall-E - not sure how a "costume" would work, but surely a simple robotic one wouldn't be too expensive to create?

I went in March 2011 just at the end of the "New Generation" festival and there was a lovely "life size" model of Wall-E & Eve on the way to Star Tours. I assume that this is what's being used for "Share the Love with Wall-E & Eve - 3D Photo Opportunity" in the new brochures?

I also second the fact that Woody & (especially) Jessie look a little scary! the heads/necks are all wrong.

Personally we were all slightly disappointed by the lack of Chipmunks Chip & Dale in and around the park when we were there, in the 5 days we were there, we only saw them in the parade, and they were walking straight down the middle without interacting with the crowd. A shame, as these are our whole family's favourite characters and they were heavily featured in the brochures, promotional material etc we were sent beforehand.

We're going for Saint David's day this year, I wonder if there will be Black Cauldron characters present? (that film is set in Wales and based on Welsh mythology)

Oh, and if they could find an ethnically correct Jasmine that'd be super. The clearly white girl painted brown was a little strange - especially as they only did her face not her neck and arms!


Huey, duey, and louie!  Chip and mrs Potts! Dwarfs, mike wawaski, Jessie and woody as face characters, just more in general walking around. We went in may and the only characters we saw walking around were chip and Dale!


Quote from: "alternativerock123"Also Belle in her blue dress would be nice. =]
I know it's not in DLP but Belle is very frequently seen in her blue dress in the France section of Epcot - I have a photo with her from there in the blue dress :)

My wish list....

*I'd love to see Pocahontas around DLP - she's one of my favourite characters and I've never seen her in any of the parks (except the Pocahontas show at Animal Kingdom in 2005).
*Huey, Dewey and Louie would also be a must, as I loved Ducktales as a child :)
*All the dwarfs (of course!) The only time I've seen one of them other than Dopey was at DLA about 16 years ago - it was Bashful! :D
*More Villains in general, but specifically the Evil Queen, Maleficent and Gaston
*Lotso in Toy Story Playland would be amazing!
*I have to say Mike too because my boyfriend would love a photo with him!
*Finally, I'd love to see more of Mushu too

Don't want much do I?! Lol!!  :lol:



When we were there in March 2011 we saw the Evil Queen, Gaston and Cruella DeVil all together in Studios Park by Toon Plaza for one of the organised meet & greets. I have to say, almost nobody was asking them for autographs or pictures, no-one gathering round them, completely unlike the huge crush of people clambering over each other to get to the Princesses or Mice when they walk around. We felt quite sorry for them! Particularly Gaston & Cruella were doing a fantastic job of staying in character.


The trouble is for most of the children it's real! We went in May and my daughter had just turned four and she would hide every time a 'baddy' came near because she thought they would be nasty to her! When we saw Gaston and Cruella in the stars and cars parade I thought they were fantastic at staying in character. The queen starred at my daughter and she put her autograph book over her face!

Its probably only the children that understand or o regulary that would want an autograph! And obviously any adult!


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@mdw Yeah that's a very good point. Funny how so many kids assume the characters are the "real" ones they see in the films, even though they look so different, have static faces etc. Great for their experience that they can extend that feeling of disbelief though I'm not knocking it, must be magic! Personally as a kid I saw always very aware who/what they really were, but loved the cool costumes and was fascinated by how they were made, and quite liked the idea of being one when I grew up!  :thumbs:

Glad you also found Gaston & Cruella to be really good, those guys were working so hard (yet clearly having fun with it!)


More Mary Poppins please!
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Seven Dwarfs and Mulan and Mushu
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I would like to see the seven dwarfs,jiminy cricket and lumiere,cogsworth and abu the monkey from aladdin and the fairy godmothers and tink of course and finally gus and jack from  cinderella i don't want much but it would be nice.