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Started by Anthony, October 07, 2006, 04:53:05 PM

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Oh than they need more time for the change than I expected.
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Here's the first concept art for the attraction's façade!!!



I like it! I like the fact that they didn't throw the Disney Channel concept away. Thematically its a clever move to make a connection between Stitch Encounter and the Disney Television Studios. I also like how they keep the new elements in style with what is already there.

Only one critical note; hopefully the satelite themeing won't get too spacy if you know what I mean. Although it fits the attraction perfectly, you have to remember that this area will become Hollywood Studio with the Hollywood Tower Hotel across the street. Maybe it would clash, but after seeing these beautiful concept arts today I'm confident everything will turn out fine!  :)


Official press release for the Stitch Encounter attraction:

Quote from: ""Utilizing the latest real-time computer graphics animation technology created by Walt Disney Imagineering, a new interactive Stitch attraction opens in spring 2008 at Walt Disney Studios Park.
The attraction lets guests talk, listen, joke and play with the fuzzy, lovable alien first introduced to audiences in Walt Disney Pictures' hit comedy, "Lilo & Stitch"."Because of the interactivity and immersion of this new experience, the guests are the "stars" of the production along with Stitch himself", said Tom Fitzgerald, executive president and senior creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering.
As Guests enter the theater, a Space Traffic Controller scans a galactic communications screen for "active" alien traffic. Stitch is quickly summoned to talk, joke and even flirt, engaging the audience in spontaneous conservation. The show is never the same twice -- whether Stitch plays his guitar, dances around the bridge of the spaceship or takes digital photographs of audience members.And no matter where guests are seated, Stitch seems and engages them in non-stop banter.
"It's the latest milestone in Walt Disney Imagineering's legacy of bringing Disney characters to life", said Fitzgerald.


The Butlin Boy

It looks great, a little bit Discoveryland-ish :)


My daughter and I are big Stitch fans, she's going to love this :D


The Disney Channel building has now received officially its own construction fences...  :wink:


they should have waited till a new ride opened before they closed the disney channel , there is too much covered up by the blue fences at the moment  :stitch:

but then on the good side at least they are getting on with stitch ! any idea of a date of opening yet , do you think it will be before the end of march ? :stitch_bounce:


Quote from: "shell_ely"there is too much covered up by the blue fences at the moment  

they surreptitious build "Bob the builder"-Land.... :cry:  :lol:

There are to much fences, that´s right! Now we only can hope, that the buildings will be ready very soon. Or they can take the fences away at least.

But for stitch the fences will be there till next year?!
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

...the DPG is watching U...


Quote from: ""Disneyland Resort Paris is now hiring voice actors to perform in the Stitch Encounter attraction!

The performer needs to be able to imitate Stitch's voice and control the animation at the same time. The cast member has to be between 20 and 35 years old and be a native French or English speaker. The contract will run from October 2007 to March 2008.

More information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Anyone interested?  :lol:


Am I missing something? I thought that it wasnt opening untill march, and now the contract is untill march?


So this now opens in October of this year?


Rehearsals anyone?  :wink:


Yeah, it must be... that new Monsters Inc Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom was in testing for ages before it opened (it has opened now, right?  It seems to have been totally forgotten about).  With this they've obviously already got the HKDL version sorted, but I don't know how long it'd take to add French to that and rehearse.

I suppose it just depends when they want to open it - a November opening would probably be fine, but they'd be better off holding it back till February/March.


Here's a piece of the current Walt Disney Studios parkmap. It seems that the attraction won't be called Stitch Encounter after all, but just Walt Disney Television Studios. Or could it be that this is just a temporary project name? Well, either way, both names seem fine to me.  :)

Source: Scrooge at //

By the way; note that Disney is still planning to open the newly Walt Disney Television Studios in January 2008, along with the Tower of Terror. So this confirms once and for all that there won't be an October 2007 or March 2008 openings I suppose.