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Started by Anthony, October 07, 2006, 04:53:05 PM

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Has it been anounced when its its likely to open?


"Early 2008", no date yet.

The Butlin Boy

That's fantastic news :D


@ Baloo: Hahahahhahahaha  :lol:
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great news to all dlrp fans :D  :D
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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Great news indeed. I am glad they confirmed it.. now its waiting for an official press release I guess?  :)


Quote from: "Maarten"Great news indeed. I am glad they confirmed it.. now its waiting for an official press release I guess?  :)
Yeah - photos, logos, creative text.  It probably won't be released for quite a while though (April at the earliest I'd guess), since it'll fall into the 2nd part of the 15th (along with things like ToT) that they're keeping under wraps for now... well, to anyone who doesn't have the internet. :wink:


Am I one of the only people that doesn't like the sound of this idea?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't particularly like the Disney Studios and am glad there is a new attraction planned there but surely something like Philharmagic would make more sense. Anyone with me?


I'm not honestly.  Philharmagic is a beautiful attraction, but they would need to build a complete new infrastructure to house that attraction.  Stitch Encounter fits perfectly in the Television Tour building and doesn't need much construction.

Poppy The Monkey

I agree in a way, but Disney Channel Tour is higher up on the must be improved list then Animagique which is rumoured to be earmarked for replacement by Philharmagic in the distant future.

And Stitch is already hugely popular in Hong Kong and Turtle Talk with Crush is hugely popular in DCA and Epcot - so it isn't a bad addition.

My only concern is the language issues and the fact that certain visitors are unable to enjoy the attraction at all.

On the same note The Stitch Encounter was offically announced at the Shareholders Meeting today.


Well, I guess you are right.

Philharmagic is one of my favourite attractions so if that went into the Animagique it would be fantastic.


yeah philharmagic would be great but i would realy miss animagique shame we cant have them both  :D

and cant wait for stitch he is my sons fav  :stitch_bounce:


I guess this attraction would be a great adition fopr the WDS. Stitch really is very popular and because of the interaction the attraction will be loved. I'm sure of that. And besides the attraction is really easy and cheap for DLP to make. So I'm looking so much forward to it.  :stitch_bounce:
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


has anyone heard anymore about this? its been quiet on this for a while now!


News from :

QuoteWe've been informed by internal sources that the Television Tour will permanently close on April 16, 2007 to make way for Stitch Encounter.