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Started by Anthony, October 07, 2006, 04:53:05 PM

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we just got back from the Magic! I haven't posted in a long time but now that we're back I thought it would be a good idea to come to the forum and participate in all of its interesting topics :D
we went to Stitch Live! 3 times, the first one we were intending to attend the English version but somehow we ended up in the french one... didn't get much of the show because we don't understand french that well but then we went to the English version.
It was a total BLAST!!! both times were quite different and Stitch was great in both occasions

First show
- Stitch: Stitch wants to speak to that man in the back... the one with glasses, ... yes! that's the one! hello what's your name and where are you from?
- man: Howard, from UK (let's say, because I don't remember it that well)
- Stitch: hello Howard from UK!... ummm... no, wait... I think I know you, I've seen your face before... (stitch thinks)... NOOOO... you AREN'T HOWARD FROM UK!!!! I've seen you before! they're looking for you!!! (and shows the advert with the man's face on it) you escaped from Space Prison!!!
The funny thing is that the guy's picture showed him with the finger inside the nose looking for who knows what... and Stitch says "YEAH!!! I REMEMBER YOU!!!... and your BOOGERS!!!!"
by that time we were in tears of laughter... what was even FUNNIER was that we saw the man outside the theater after the show waiting for his wife to come out... and the guy had the finger inside his ear now... completely disgusting guy :P such bad manners  :lol:

In other part of the same show, Stitch talks to a blond girl named Rebecca and asks if she has a boyfriend, and she replies "I have a husband". And Stitch says "oh... but NO BOYFRIEND YAY!!!" ... and later in the show, when intruders get inside the spacecraft and the alarms are on Stitch asks "Rebecca, is that your husband?!"

second show:
Stitch: oh... Stitch can see a beautiful lady there in the front row... sitting right next to cowboy man (a guy with a cowboy hat). Hi... what's your name?
Lady: Hannah (let's say)
Stitch: ... Hannah... (sort of blushes) say Hannah... do you have a boyfriend?...
Lady:... umm... yes, he's sitting next to me
Stitch: ohhh... (frustration voice)... WHAT?!?! THAT'S YOUR.... BOYFRIEND?!?! ... and you call THAT ...A BOYFRIEND?!?! Stitch wants to talk to him, what's your name?
Man: My name is Sam
Stitch: (making fun of him repeats) "my name is... saaaam!!!" HANNAH YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT! you can be with Stitch and you're with... cowboy Sam! ... I bet he can't do this...... (jumps repeatedly laughing and making funny noises, suddenly stops to make Sam repeat it, then says:) ... sit down Cowboy Sam, you're looking stupid...
I bet you can't do this either (sticks out his other two arms, and Sam tries to emulate him with no luck)
Stitch: Hannah... you can definitely do better than that!!!
And goes on with the conversation making Hannah say that she loves him and trying to name the planet after her and the rest of the known things
Too bad that I couldn't grab the show on video it was too funny! I could tell the french version was just as funny but I didn't get the jokes
Even my husband who doesn't understand much English loved it
I give it a 10!!!! EXCELLENT :D


Wow, it turns out the entire pre-show has changed!  Just posted a report on WDSfans:

(spoilers ahead!)

QuoteIt seems Walt Disney Studios management is changing its mind on the Disney Channel tie-in at Stitch Live, since the entire pre-show, that previously just showed some trailers for Disney Channel programmes, has completely changed!

Warning, spoilers:

Instead of these commercials, the plasma screens now show a "welcome" on a starry background which is suddenly replaced by the logo of the Galactic Alliance. Captain Gantu announces the Grand Councilwoman of the United Galactic Federation who briefly introduces Lilo and Stitch (for those who don't know the movie's universe) and explains Stitch has escaped to a small island on Earth. She asks the guests in the pre-show to help her find Stitch and a missing Space Cruiser.
Gandu then takes the word again and warns the guests to stay cautious while they're in the Galactic Communications Room.

When moving into the main theatre, the Cast Member doesn't mention Disney Channel any more either, instead she or he tells the guests they're in the Galactic Communications Room and that their help is needed for finding Stitch and the missing Space Cruiser.

No word yet if the large screen in the waiting area (now covered with a large Disney Channel sticker), will be re-used to entertain the waiting guests with the corporate synergy instead.

Source: La Roquine on Disney Central Plaza


As I wrote earlier already, we went to the Stitch show a few times in April. Reading Tinkerbelle`s report, I have to think of my daughter. AfterStitch saying naming a planet after ( say) Hannah, that dosn`t work to good, so he says in very cute way to the audience "planet boum" ( don`t know how to write xactly, but means broken). And my daughter still laughs hard when she thinks about that.
just my thoughts, Aurora :stitch:


I sadly, haven't yet experienced the attraction, but the change you mention, sounds awesome. Making the whole thing much more focussed on the film.

Reminds me of the awesome Stitch attraction at WDW

Good to see them still tweaking it all
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Glad to hear that they got rid of the Disney Channel adverts and theme, and gone with the Stitch one. Although now we don't have an excuse for it being in the Disney Channel building, but oh well, I'm sure it's a lot better than having the latest Disney Channel programmes shoved in our face every time we go on it  :wink:


Oh we went on it twice when we were there 2 weeks ago, we loved it! We got 2 very different shows and I'm sure if we'd gone a third time it would have been just as different again! In the first show when he picked on the first guy (who I think was called Tim) he was like "Stitch knows your face - where are you from?" The guy says "London" and Stitch goes "NO YOU'RE NOT!!.... *looks down at front row where all the kids are sitting*... Boys and girls, that guy sitting back there is "Tim from London" and he is a VERY BAD MAN!!" Then he showed the "Wanted poster"! I was in hysterics!... Then when he found the planet the woman he picked on was called Vicky, he asked her how to spell it, she said "V-I-C...", Stitch replies with "V-Y-P...", obviously people started sniggering... Stitch looked straight at the audience and went "WHY'S SOMEONE LAUGHING?!"... Oh then in the "delete" bit, computer says "Delete planet", Stitch looked horrified and went "No, not the PLANET!!" and screwed all his eyes up! Looked so cute!! Amazing addition to WDS, and I'm glad they finally got rid of the Disney Channel ads in the pre-show!



The pre-show is really good!  People actually watch and pay attention to it!

I've uploaded a bunch of screen captures to Photos Magiques here (and replaced all the old Stitch Live! photos in that album). ... h_live.php



I finally had the chance of seeing this show and I must say, I really did enjoy it! After all, Stitch is my all time favourite disney character.

The funniest part for me was when he was asking a woman if she had a boyfriend.

Stitch: Do you have a boyfriend?
Woman (can't remember her name): I have a husband...

It's now one of my favourites in the studios! :wink:

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Quote from: "QTXAdsy"I finally had the chance of seeing this show and I must say, I really did enjoy it! After all, Stitch is my all time favourite disney character.

The funniest part for me was when he was asking a woman if she had a boyfriend.

Stitch: Do you have a boyfriend?
Woman (can't remember her name): I have a husband...

It's now one of my favourites in the studios! :wink:

lol now that is just funny!

I so loved Stitch Live when i was there and found it great even though I was 22 still it was funny lmao

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#249 ... live.xhtml

From the video above is it ture is your if sitting right at the front row on the benches  of the screen at Stitch Live! that Stitch will ask "What's your name", "Where your from and "What your age".

Also from the video above does it matter weather your on the right or of left of the screen in the front row  sitting on the benches will Stitch still "What's your name", "Where your from and "What your age".


Hi, I have seen the show several times and you don't have to be seated at the front to be chosen.  It is a rather random choice I believe.  Even though I sat in the front once to watch my kids on the front mat and was chosen for an animal impression.

In that video it shows all the kids sitting on the benches, but in reality they actually sit on the floor at the front.  I think they have put the kids on the benches just for the sake of the video trailer.


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I've been several times and this is how I think it works from my observations.

At the start of the english version, they ask who can speak English. I think that those chosen later to interact with Stitch are from those who put their hands up. Stands to reason. You dont want to waste 10mins trying to ask an Italian kid what their name is in English if they don't speak the lingo.

To date, I have always kept my hand down, and I have never been approached as an escaped convict from space-prison. 8)

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We were sat in the front row on the left (as you look at the screen) and I was chosen to be Stiches girlfriend and he had my husband dancing. It was brilliant, my husband's favourite part of the whole trip.

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Both kids have interacted at some stage, real highlights. The main thing is to interact yourself, and don't expect anything (it is fun, even if you are not involved).
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Trust me, it doesn't matter where you sit... I get picked on every time! It IS hilarious though, especially the photo on the space prison wanted poster!lol