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Started by Anthony, October 07, 2006, 04:53:05 PM

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I truly love this attraction!! We did it 2 times in english and both times where so different and so funny.
The reaction by Stitch on the reactions of the crowd are so good and funny.

For example:
[spoiler:181t8xyh]Like when spelling a name. He spelled it wrong 2 times. So some girl shouts "You spelled wrong!!" Stich reacted by voice and action "Stich never spells something wrong" (while facing the girl who called it out!) It makes it so realistic![/spoiler:181t8xyh]

My gratz to Disney for this great little "master" piece!  =D>
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I saw it twice in english at the last weekend, both shows were slightly different.  =D>
Most funny part for me:
"Stitch, you are at the Disneychannel!"
 :stitch: "Disneychannel, yeah, the Disneychannel!"
 :stitch: "Never heard of it!"

Very funny and brilliant!   :donald:
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i can't wait to see the attration.
 they way everyone has descibe it sounds fantastic.
i want every single goofy in the whole wide world ha ha ha

The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "goofy-2000"i can't wait to see the attration.
 they way everyone has descibe it sounds fantastic.

It is. We saw it 3 times last week, and each time it was brilliant, and very funny. A massive improvement on the Disney Channel tour =D>


What a truly fantastic show! I don't think i've laughed so much in a long time! Managed to see an english version on Saturday and i was amazed by the technology, expecting to see some glitches but it was amazing! We had a very funny moment, when Stitch picked on a man in the audience, and when asking the name of the man, the man then replied 'PaulofromItaly'. Stich then goes 'PaulofromItaly...what a strange name, where are you from PaulofromItaly?' The man then replies 'From Italy', Stich: 'PaulofromItaly from Italy'. Set up for some very funny jokes!

Fantastic :D I reccomend it to all!


Oh I don't BELIEVE DLRP finally has a Stitch attraction! :D/  =D>  I'll be dragging my mum to it multiple times in August no doubt! I nearly died when I found Stitch's Great Escape in WDW 3 years ago, but this seems as though it's 1000 times better... Incidentally, in the WDW attraction, I got "spat on" by Stitch lol! I wasn't impressed, it wasn't water either, it was something thicker, like he really had spat on me! Ewww! :lol:



ooohhhh I hope he doesnt pick on me lol
it sounds so good
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Ewwww yuky! But at the same time I can't wait to see it!!!


I saw it monday and I'm really suprised about how nice this little addition is! Really great for our studios :)


When we were there in april, we saw Stitch 5 times. My daughter loves him and was so exited. We went to see the english version( no waiting time then). After the first time I explained her what it was about, then for the next time I told her what to say incase she got picked( she didn`t). It was absolutly cute, when Stitch uses his ears up or down, to express his feelings.
Really great thing to watch!!
Aurora :D/


We saw stitch live yesterday and thought it was brilliant.  Stitch decided to pick my husband and say he knew he was wanted by the space police (or something similar to that) and it made his day.  It was really funny and a great addition to the studio park  =D>
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i cannot wait to go on this ride/show!!

role on Christmas!
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went to see Stitch Live last week in English. Thought it was great, I was dying to be picked because I love stitch but it didn't happen, but that didn't matter it was just really good fun...wished it could have lasted longer! Wanted to see it more thanonce but it was a short trip! It's definately a major improvement on the Disney channel attraction, which i thought was pretty terrible.

It's a must see attraction now, especially for stitch lovers:) It's cute and funny:)

Yay for Stitch:) xoxoxox
Luv Aveen xoxo


I really LOVE stitch and this too! It was so much fun, and so brilliant made, that it was allmost like having the real stitch in the room. I saw it twice in english, one by myself, and one with my family, who also enjoyed it very much :D And it was different each time :D this is really a must-do if you love stitch   :D/
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Annual passport holder! FANTASY!


it's sound so cool, can't wait to experience it myself :D