Disney's Christmas Season (2006)

Started by Kinou, June 12, 2006, 02:45:56 PM

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I finally uploaded a video of the first 2007 parade: http://www.dlrpmagic.com/today/2007/01/ ... ecial.html

It's not the best, but you can see the ambassadors enjoying it.  I had some funny people behind me holding their camera right next to either side of my head and practically in front of many face, desperately trying to get photos, so I couldn't concentrate.  I was annoyed since we'd waited a long time, but then I remembered I've done that before. :lol:

And now, "that's it for another year!" - Christmas is over.  Topic de-stickied.

Did everyone enjoy Disney's Christmas Season 2006?  Any closing comments?  Better/worse than previous years, favourite moments? Share them now. :)


:cry: It came and went oh so quickly!!! It will be back before we know it, but first, bring on the big 1 5!!!!


great video ant!!
Remember Dreams Come True! \":mickey2:\"

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That's a very nice video!!!! Thanks for sharing it! :D


I seriously loved the new lantern lights in Mainstreet!! Ans also the dancing castle lights with new years eve was magical!!!  :lol:
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