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Started by Anthony, May 06, 2012, 03:47:43 AM

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Hello everyone!
I'm new to this forum and this is my first post, i hope i get it right!

Myself and my family are off to DLP in about three weeks, for our third visit!  The kids have no idea, and i don't know how i'm managing to keep quiet, i'm so excited!

We have never done any character dining before, and i'm thinking of booking an evening meal at Cafe Mickey as an extra surprise for the kids.  My question is what time do you think is best, considering the parade is now at 7?  Is there a certain time the characters come out, or are they there all the time?  The kids are 7 and 3, and i know i'll struggle to get them to wait until after the parade for a meal. I don't mind going there while the parade is on, as we are there for 5 days.
Any suggestions will be much appreciated!
Thank you! :D


Its probably quieter while the parade is on and as youre there for 5 days youve got 5 attempts at seeing the parade at least!


Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!


Hi, I am new to this site so am looking for as many tips as possible to make my trip to Disney the most enjoyable i possibly can.
I have booked a mickey breakfast but cant find any menu's for what they serve at breakfast. Does anyone know? I have twin sons who will be 3 when we go and they can be fussy when it comes to food. I am travelling for the first time with my sons and am pretty nervous, i dont know where the best places to go are. We aren't interested in any of the big rides and would like to just go on the family rides but dont know what are the best one.
We are travelling at the start of November so i am guessing that the weather over there will be similar to the uk?
I hope someone can help thanks xx


Hi^^ :)
they have a buffet for breakfast. You can find everything from cereals to bacon and egg, bread, jam, and stuff like that... For my taste they had a very rich selection. I'm sure you'll find what you want... :)

There are plenty of rides you and especially your children might enjoy ...
Here is a great guidebook, which is worth to look at... with tips and information about each attraction: ... dios-park/

Have a great time!!! :)
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We had the breakfast at Cafe Mickey in June and it was lovely, the characters work their way round the rooms (there is one big main room and a sort-of conservatory at the side from what I could see) and spend time at each table posing for photos, signing autograph books and they are really good at making sure that every child at every table gets seen, and no-one is forgotten :D

The food was quite similar to the hotel breakfasts - pain au chocolat, croissants, toast, bread, jams and marmalades, fruit salad, ham and cheese, and then there was sausages, scrambled eggs, and bacon I think! I'm sure you will find something your sons will love, and even if they just have something plain like toast it will still be worth the money because it is lovely to be that close to the characters and to get all excited as you know they are getting nearer!

As for the weather, yes in my experience it is very similar to the UK - although I have heard people say that they weren't quite prepared for the winter months and wish they had taken more layers so that may be worth keeping in mind :) I think things like taking more socks and shoes than you need just in case of bad weather, that sort of thing, is a good plan.

DLRP Magic is an amazing site, definitely worth having a look at! If you use that site or the Disneyland Paris official website, you can find out more about the rides. I would recommend It's a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean (if they don't scare too easily!), Le Pays des Contes de Fees (Storybook ride), Casey Jnr, Mad Hatter's teacups, the Carrousel...erm...trying to think now...Dumbo! Fantasyland is a perfect land for smaller visitors, lots of child friendly rides. If you have a look at some DLP sites, you can see the different rides in each land and make a list of what sounds suitable, so you know where to head to when you arrive.

Hope you have a great time!


We are planing on celebrating (a bit belated) birthday of our 6 years old daughter, I know that she wants character breakfast, but is it possible to have a birthday cake during character breakfast as well?

Thank you in advance for your help


I've seen it happen at breakfast, so it is possible.



 The quietest time I found was approx 18:00, as you have 5 days you have many times to see the parade, as previously stated. The characters are out all through the evening, only  leaving for breaks, but the restaurant is never without a couple of characters.

I have never had a breakfast there so can not comment about a cake, but our party did celebrate a birthday there at dinner. A cake is bought to the table  with music playing, all the characters out come to the table dancing and most of the restaurant clap and cheer.

Our Disney trip would not be the same without a trip to Cafe Mickey's



I know this is an really  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o  #-o question do the same characters meet 'n' greet in cafe mickey during breakfast as they do during lunch and dinner.

Surely I right of think that same characters meet 'n' greet  guests during lunch and dinner as the do during breakfast.

Pete's Dragon

As far as I'm aware there are only characters present during breakfast.

Cowboy Cookout has charaters during lunch, but its not a buffet


There are definitely characters in Cafe Mickey at breakfast and dinner :)

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Pete's Dragon

I stand corrected. I was under the impression that character lunches had been moved to the Cookout  :oops:  8)


What type of food do they serve at breakfast?