Can we change DLRP to PLRP before Disney

Started by RockNRoller, October 09, 2010, 03:47:36 PM

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At the moment there is a deffinate influx of Pixar into the park, dont get me wrong I love the films, will que for ages to ride Crush and cant wait till I can see TSPL in person this November. However I thought it would be a challenge to see if we can make Disneyland Resort Paris into Pixarland Resort Paris before Disney does. The rules are simple,  you can only use existing rides just Pixar them. To get the ball rolling may I propose:

1) Change the cradle under Panoramagique to a house and make it the Up experience.
2) The devastated London scene in STT would be an ideal home for WALL-E to become the earth at the start of the film.
3) Chop Dumbo's trunk off paint him green and you have instant Heimlich from "Bugs life"

Any takers?
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Im not sure what the Pixar issue is. Obviously people all over the world enjoy the Pixar movies and love the characters. For that reason they appear in the Disney Themeparks. Even though I agree that TSPL not the best attraction is in a 'studio's' park and that I would have rather seen Discoveryland in the Jules Verne theme more than current.

I think Disney was a great man who was groundbreaking in it movies, filming technologie, parks, monorails, animatronics, character choices and so much more always looking to developments and the future of his products. If Pixar has been so succesful over the years, and computer animation is the future than why not implement it in the parks? Keeping DLRP the same way it has been, is a horrible idea. WDW's MK was a better park than DLR. And DLRP has some more improvements (attractions, theming etc). Everything evolves over the years and maybe Pixar is the next step (seen its success, I think a very good choice). So my idea is to stop seeing it as a negative point and that the question should be how to use the Pixar treasure to create new, original experiences for all ages... like they did with Toy Story Midway Mania.