50 years Disneyland Anaheim: world wide celebration!

Started by Kristof, May 06, 2004, 08:43:23 PM

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From a WDW castmember:

Disney Parks Worldwide Celebrate as Disneyland Hits Milestone 50th
For the first time ever, the 10 Disney theme parks around the world will join
together for one glorious celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of
Disneyland in Southern California.
Disney Chief Executive Officer Michael Eisner joined Walt Disney Parks &
Resorts President Jay Rasulo and Disneyland Resort President Matt Ouimet in a
spectacular ceremony this morning in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
announcing details of the Happiest Celebration on Earth. [For an encore
presentation of the announcement, please watch CAST TV on My Disney TEAM under
Company Messages beginning at noon PST.]
The Happiest Celebration on Earth pays tribute to Walt Disney's dream of
Disneyland, the original park that launched an industry and sparked an empire of
fun that now spans the globe and continues to offer the most visited
attractions in the world, drawing 100 million visitors on three continents every
year —
and still growing.
Beginning May 5, 2005 and extending for 18 months through 2006, the event is
so monumental that it will take place in all of the Disney theme parks around
the world, with the premiere of exciting new shows and attractions at Walt
Disney World Resort in Florida, Tokyo Disney Resort in Japan and Disneyland
Resort Paris in France. Disneyland in California will naturally be the center of
the celebration, featuring its own unique Happiest Homecoming on Earth
"Walt Disney's creation of Disneyland is truly one of the single greatest
entertainment achievements of the 20th Century, launching the international theme
park industry and creating a place where the entire family can go to have fun
and enjoy wholesome, quality family entertainment together." said Jay. "The
Disney theme park experience is a timeless tradition that millions have passed
from generation to generation. All our parks, as well as the Disney Cruise
Line, will be joining in this unprecedented global celebration, which promises to
be the biggest event in Disney theme park history."
Michael noted that Disneyland has grown into a cultural phenomenon.
"Disneyland was built on one man's singular dream which has evolved to a point where
today the sun never sets on a Disney theme park," Michael said. "Our Happiest
Celebration on Earth is another example of our continued investment in creative
entertainment for our guests, and will salute all of our those valued guests
who have helped to make Disneyland a national treasure and Disney theme parks
the unrivaled leader in family vacation resorts worldwide."
At Disneyland, the global celebration becomes the Happiest Homecoming on
Earth, a unique chance for the generations of guests who have been touched by the
magic of Disneyland to return to where the magic began and relive their
fondest memories of park visits past and create new memories with family and
Showcasing new and exciting shows and attractions, the Happiest Homecoming on
Earth will be the biggest celebration in the history of the Park and will
take different forms throughout the Disneyland Resort — even extending out to
· Sleeping Beauty Castle will be transformed into a breathtaking focal-point
for the Happiest Homecoming on Earth and will glow with Disney enchantment as
never before.
· Audiences will be overwhelmed by the fun and spectacle of the new Walt
Disney's Parade of Dreams, featuring one of the largest casts of Disney Characters
ever assembled.
· An all-new fireworks spectacular entitled Remember . . . Dreams Come True
represents the most elaborate and extravagant in the history of Disneyland.
· In the all-new attraction Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, guests pilot their
very own Star Cruiser through a comical interactive space mission where they
will help to protect outer space from the forces of the evil Emperor Zurg!
· Space Mountain will be re-"Imagineered" for the 21st century, featuring
all-new "out of this world" effects and surprises.
· Guests will experience Disneyland — The First 50 Years, a remarkable new
exhibit showcasing 50 years of Disneyland and highlighting the amazing evolution
of the park from concept to reality.
· Block Party Bash — At Disney's California Adventure guests will suddenly
find themselves surrounded by the rollicking music, excitement and fun of one of
five instant celebrations.

DISNEY CRUISE LINE (Port of Los Angeles, California / Port Canaveral,
· Disney Cruise Line will launch its first-ever west coast itinerary with
celebratory cruise vacations out of Los Angeles aboard the Disney Magic to Puerto
Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
The global Happiest Celebration on Earth represents Disney's biggest launch
of new adventures and entertainment ever — and the first time all the Disney
theme parks have joined together to mark a milestone in a truly global fashion.
Hong Kong Disneyland will join the festivities when it opens in late
2005/early 2006 as China's first theme park.
The worldwide Happiest Celebration on Earth will salute The Happiest Place on
Earth by taking different forms at each of Disneyland's sister parks and
Walt Disney World Resort pays tribute to 50 years of Disneyland and Disney
theme park magic around the world with its most over-the-top event ever. Each of
the four Walt Disney World theme parks will feature an incredible attraction
or show imported from Disney's parks around the globe — plus a unique new
attraction will be created just for the Florida resort.
· Guests to the Magic Kingdom will see a favorite princess begin her
Happily-Ever-After life during the magnificent, musical coronation of
Cinderellabration, direct from Tokyo.
· At Epcot, guests will take flight over the Golden State with the opening of
Soarin, based on the hit Anaheim attraction.
· The secrets behind Hollywood's most astounding stunts will be revealed in
the high-octane Lights, Motors, Action — Extreme Stunt Show at Disney-MGM
Studios, direct from Paris.
· At Disney's Animal Kingdom — from out of the secret labs of Walt Disney
Imagineering — will come Lucky the dinosaur, the first-ever free-roaming
Audio-Animatronics® figure. Later in the celebration year, Expedition EVEREST will
take guests to thrilling new heights in a runaway mountain train.
· Tokyo Disneyland Park — Disney's very first international theme park honors
its namesake with a very special tribute in the summer of 2005 that pays
homage to Walt's dream of Disneyland.
· Lost River Delta Thrill Attraction — This new attraction at Tokyo DisneySea
will be the first at Tokyo Disney Resort to feature a vertical 360-degree
loop and will offer guests a thrilling experience on a high-speed ride through
special effects employing fire and water when it opens in 2005.
· Wishes — A dramatic combination of glittering fireworks and Disney music is
set to light up the skies over Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park
every night from the 9th of July until the 28th of August 2005. Inspired by a
similar show at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Wishes will be accompanied by
a specially arranged musical score, featuring favorite Disney tunes and
· The legacy of Disneyland continues into the next half century when Hong
Kong Disneyland opens its gates in 2005/early 2006. Classic Disney attractions
and unique design elements for China will introduce a new generation to the
enchantment of Disney, demonstrating how Disney magic can cross geographical and
cultural borders, bringing people and families closer together.
"The next few years will aptly kick off Walt Disney Parks and Resorts' next
50 years — from last fall's launch of Mission Space at Walt Disney World to the
debut of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror this week at Disney's California
Adventure, and of course, the golden anniversary of Walt's dream-come-true in
2005," said Jay. "Our vision for the future reflects the innovation and
imagination Walt infused into Disneyland nearly five decades ago."
Additionally, DisneyHand, worldwide outreach for The Walt Disney Company,
will join in the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland by celebrating its role as a
magical place where the wishes of children from around the world come true. A
series of exciting signature events, in association with Make-A-Wish Foundation®,
Starlight Children's Foundation and Toys For Tots, will share many of the ways
in which Disney serves children and families in need.
Further outreach programs focused in Anaheim and Orange County will build on
Disneyland's commitment to the local non-profit and education communities and
leave a legacy for years to come. Disney VoluntEARS will play a central role
in outreach activities, continuing to strengthen the relationships between
Disneyland cast members and the communities in which they live and work.


All in all, I had hoped for a bigger celebration - worldwide. ... But oh well, you gotta live with what one's giving you...

Anyway: I'm curious to learn what DLRP has up its sleeve (besides "Wishes" another "golden" celebration has been hinted, that would make every guest remember his / her very first visit to a Disney park... mhm ... :?: )

I'm also excited about Disney Cruise Line. Jay Rasulo also mentioned that he sees the possibility of Disney ships sailing in other parts of the world... (imagine boarding the "Disney Magic" in Nice ... stopping in Ostia, Naples, Sicily, Palma, Barcelona...)


The winner out of all the rumours so far is definately a new daytime parade, and to be honest i'd be quite happy about this.  The Princess Parade is quite good but only because of the characters - it really should be taken to a museum now!  A new daytime parade plus Wishes would certainly please me and anyone who moans and says they should get/announce a new attraction clearly doesn't know DLRP's finances!

I can see where experiment is coming from though - the parks are adding new shows and attractions but there isn't really one big "celebration" in the worldwide parks.  DLRP should have some kind of summer festival in July with singers, dancers and characters all over Main Street aswell as a scheduled show like The Circle of Life Ceremony (Pride Rock is there aswell...).  Yeah, i know that doesn't sound *that* amazing, but all that festival spirit in Disneyland Park would be really nice! :ears:

Don't forget though that The Tarzan Encounter is scheduled to finish in September so next summer the theatre will be empty!  Perhaps they could be planning a new show there for the celebrations?  :D


QuoteDon't forget though that The Tarzan Encounter is scheduled to finish in September so next summer the theatre will be empty!  Perhaps they could be planning a new show there for the celebrations?  :D

I'm soooo going to miss that show!!!  I hope they don't replace it with another "rubberhead show", but with something along the line of its predecessor, "Mulan", and (as it looks right now) "The Lion King"...

If everything goes well (and I sure hope it does - and so do my Euro Disney shares...) I'd expect some more bits about next year's celebration on the press premiere of "The Lion King" at the end of June... (alright, there's a lot of wishful thinking...)


Quote from: "experiment627"If everything goes well (and I sure hope it does - and so do my Euro Disney shares...) I'd expect some more bits about next year's celebration on the press premiere of "The Lion King" at the end of June... (alright, there's a lot of wishful thinking...)

Yeah, good thinking - that'd make sense.  Do you know when exactly the press premiere is?  Will it be before June 26th or after?  I'd guess after because they'll want to make sure they've got everything just right before the press pull it apart!  :wink:


i've send an email to the press relations office of the benelux: the press premiere is planned: 26 June


The Benelux office wasn't aware of an anual pass premiere of the Lion King show on the 25th...


Thanks for the info flor, i guess there will actually be three shows on that first day then.

Quote from: "raptor1982"The Benelux office wasn't aware of an anual pass premiere of the Lion King show on the 25th...

I suppose they wouldn't really be informed about it because they aren't dealing with the tickets/reservations for it.


Lee MacDonald over at //http://www.laughingplace.com reported this week, that at least new parade and a new show for the Chaparral are "in the works"... a bit more to fire up the rumour-engine...


That's great news, and i actually believe it even if it is just rumour for now!

What do you think the show in Chapperal could be?  Do you think it could be specific to a film like Tarzan or more of a general show like MWW?

A "Brother Bear" show would make sense because the natural look of the theatre and the large stage would fit with the movie, plus Phil Collins' songs would nicely take the place of his other songs for Tarzan.  And don't forget how amazingly well the film did in Germany, and as DLRP seem to want to increase the (surprisingly low) number of German visitors (or at least make their day more enjoyable so they recommend others to go) then it would again seem like a good choice.

Just don't ask me how they would present Brother Bear with all those mountains, rivers, etc. on stage - i haven't thought it through properly yet!  :wink:


Quote from: "Baloo"Just don't ask me how they would present Brother Bear with all those mountains, rivers, etc. on stage - i haven't thought it through properly yet!  :wink:

Well, they managed to bring a jungle onto the stage with "Tarzan"  :D

However, I don't know if "Brother Bear" is actually that good for a show... I don't know: I just don't see the same "artistic"-aspect in "Brother Bear" like in "Tarzan"... but then again: I guess you can't argue with me about "Tarzan" because this show is just soooo near to my heart. It will take A LOT to replace that show for me.  :wink:


There's already a Brother Bear "show" at DCA, but it's not a huge spectacle like Tarzan.  It features story telling and character meeting.