Disney-MGM's auto stunt show will be a clone...

Started by experiment627, April 24, 2004, 10:48:30 PM

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Found that one on LaughingPlace.com:

Looks familiar, doesn't it?


:roll:  :roll:  :roll:   What a surprise  :P


Wow yeah, it sure does look familiar!  I didn't think it would be such a close clone of the attraction, i actually thought they would change a fair bit of the design!

Does anyone know where i can find the concept art of this show?  I know it's on the construction walls of the area where it is being built but i can't find it on the internet anywhere!  :(


I think they're using the very same concept art on that construction wall as they already used in Paris (I think it's the piece of concept art showing the small markept place on the huge - Mediterranean - stage...).

And I too would have expected that they change the setting just a bit to make it a better fit with the whole "Big City / New York / Chicago / San Francisco" street right next door...