Unsafe in Disneyland?

Started by _Natalie_x, August 24, 2010, 08:18:36 PM

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Ok so this isnt a very nice topic but I wanted to bring it up.
Last summer when i visited Disneyland was the first time ive ever felt unsafe in the resort.
Me, my auntie and my cousins were staying in the Sequoia lodge and one night me and my youngest cousin (about 14) went out for a walk towards the Disney Village. I think it was around 10 o clock. As we were walking there were not many people on the paths and it was quite dark. 2 boys of about 19 were on one of those pedal cart things that you can rent, although Im not sure how they got hold of one as it did seem too late for it to be open. Anyway as we were walking these boys started shouting obscene comments towards us, I just told Jess to carry on walking towards Hotel New York because we knew there would be people there, rather than walking down a deserted path. The boys obviously could go faster than us as they were effectivly biking so they started following and making more comments trying to get us to go somewhere with them. I wont say what they were suggesting on here but Im sure you get my drift.  I was almost 17 by the way.
We just walked off faster and went into the hotel, I was getting in quite a state as I was so nervous for our safety especially as I was looking after my cousin. I went up to the reception and told the CM there of the situation.. and that I was scared to go out again on our own to walk back to our hotel, incase they followed us again. I asked the CM if it was possible for him to walk us back to the Sequoia Lodge, just so there was someone else not just two young girls, but he said he was not allowed to leave his post and wasn't sure what he could do for us. I was very close to tears at this point!   So by the end we started to walk back realising there was nothing we could do, the boys did come up to us again and I just said "Please leave us alone we dont want any trouble" then grabbed Jess and quickly walked off.   When i got back to our room i just burst into tears because it scared me so much knowing that no one could actually help but thankfully we were ok in the end ! I think my mind runs away with me sometimes and i dont trust strangers at the best of times !
Has anyone been through a situation anywhere in the resort where they have felt unsafe.. and if so do you have any ideas how the park could be changed to make everything safer for everyone?

I think our situation could have been better if there was some CM who could have walked us back ! Would have made us feel a million times safer having a male worker with us. Im not sure why he couldn't have left or got someone who could have taken us. :(  Perhaps in the future i shall stay in my room past 9pm !! :P

(Sorry for the major boring essay) :) xx
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That is really bad, surely the CM could see how distressed you were and even if he couldn't do they not have security for that sort of thing. I Love walking the hotels at night especially round the lake because of all the lighting but I've felt unsettled at times when a large group suddenly come at you. personally I think some of the paths need more lighting especially as you walk from NY to Cheyenne and onwards.
You did the right thing heading for other people, I would hope it doesn't happen again but if it should try using the buses to go from hotel to hotel much safer and you'll see a side of the hotels you dont normally see.
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that sounds awful Natalie, i myself have never had an experience like this, but then again i have never left the hotel that late at night before, i think like you said you felt worse because the CM couldnt help you, that probably only added to you feeling unsafe, i cant honestly say i wouldn't be any better than you, in fact im sure i would probably be histerical im quite the shy person, and im really parinoid about the people around me when im out in the dark on my own..and i look really young, so maybe if i found myself in that type of situiation the CM would be more willing to help... (heres to hopeing lol) and just to give you an idea of how young i look, when i went to disney in 2008 i was 17, when i was going into the pool the CM working it asked me if i had turned 12 yet!!

eitherway, my suggestion would be to at least have one CM at the parks/hotels who would be able to help you get back to your own hotel if you ever felt unsafe escecially where young adults/teenagers are involved and if thats not possible have the CM's briefed on at least helping you get in contact with parents/guardians or even the hotel you are supposed to be staying at incase they could help... i think it was really bad judgement on the CM's part to even allow you and your cousin to even leave the New York hotel when you where so upset....

ps. i was typign this when RockNRoller commented, you have good ideas too i have never stayed in a hotel lower than the squoia so cant realy comment on that part....
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Sorry to read you had an experience of the kind; seeing how DLP is pretty much a city of its own, those things unfortunately happen as they do most anywhere else. However, there's no excuse for the CM... while it's true that most CMs can't leave their assigned position, he most likely had a phone at his disposal to call Security or at the very least ask his manager for advice.


Quote from: "SwipatronSparks"ps. i was typign this when RockNRoller commented, you have good ideas too i have never stayed in a hotel lower than the squoia so cant realy comment on that part....

We started off staying at the Santa Fe when the park was open later and all we used the room for was sleeping but now the park shuts earlier and we spend more time in the room we wanted a bit more comfort so have worked our way up to HNY. From experience the path that follows the "river " down the side of SL on the side of Cheyenne is poorly lit just a few posts to mark the out line of the path as you go along, nothing on the bridges over the "river" at all.
I really would recommend the buses at any hour of the day infact.
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience - that's not what you want when in DLP.

As RiverRogue said it is a city, so the problem itself is hard to prevent in advance, but it should be possible for you to get some help, especially being younger people as you were. I hope another CM would have acted differently.

I have never felt unsafe, but have seen the young people you are talking about sitting by the lake in the late evening / early night drinkring and drinking and drinking. They didn't do much towards me, but I do not have a hard time imagining that they can be very rude to young girls like you and your sister.

I hope you won't have an experience like this again :)

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I know these things can happen anywhere, but its Disney! Who goes to Disneyland to be a d**k?

CM's are normally really helpful and I've never had any problems, so that is pretty bad really of them really.


Quoteknow these things can happen anywhere, but its Disney! Who goes to Disneyland to be a d**k?
Haha i know right !! Thats why i figured we'd be ok walking around..i mean, you just feel safe when you're there but perhaps we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time !!
Dont worry im not traumatised by the situation, I went back a few months later and was fine hehehe. :D
perhaps I just spoke to not a very good CM !
:(   I think the CMs do need to be prepared for situations like this, because even though it is Disney, you are always going to get young people who will act the same as they do back home and not care where the place is. :/
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Quote from: "Martyn"I know these things can happen anywhere, but its Disney! Who goes to Disneyland to be a d**k

Oh, the stories I could tell......

I guess if you're the kind of person to bother young girls you won't care very much where you are.... For many people, Disneyland is "just a theme park," no reason to be on your best behavior! Fortunately, whenever possible, Disney security deals with "problematic" guests rather swiftly so it is one of the safest parks. It's impossible to eliminate all risks, however.



It sounds like a scary experience and I too would have burst into tears when I got back to the room. My mum and I Have walked from our room in the santa fe to the petrol station and back and been scared due to a lack of lighting and people around, it even happened when we went from HNY to the villiage and back late at night when we stayed there, so I can imagine you were very scared having to walk back to the sequoia!!
My mum and I were stopped once walking back to HNY by security (standing by cafe mickey) and asked us to see our hotel ticket or something as proof we were hotel guests...to be honest we were just glad it was security because all we seen was 2 men coming towards us in a poorly lit area. For women esp walking around alone at night it is dangerous I feel and security and lightening need to be increased. I think security should have been called for you and your cousin to even go out and look for the boys on the cart to try and stop them but also to walk you both back to your room! Part of the Disney experience is to go that extra mile for guests but that seems to have been lost, esp in Disneyland Paris.

I don't think I have felt unsafe other than at these times but it is still something that should be highlighted and improved.
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Please be on your guard at Disney, it is not quite as safe as you would hope. I have seen first hand drug deals, fights, thefts, heard of many thefts and there have been armed robberies.

Still WDW has loads of rapes and a couple of murders on their rap sheet, and Disneyland in California also has a couple of murders too.

Never let your guards down, but don't be confined by fear either.
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Wow thank you for that warm message ! :( loll :P  its just a shame that it has to be like that at Disney isnt it!! :(
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I'm very sorry for what had happened to you.

In my opinion DLRP needs more security around the hotel area, DV and the resort hub.
We have been to WDW in 2008 and around the parks, hotels, Downtown Disney and the water parks there were so many security guards and they checked people's bags from time to time. There they really annoyed me and I always thought "Paranoid USA", but after your story and davewasbaloo's post I do understand it now.

A big problem for DLRP is the proximity. I have been to Paris several times and it is a wonderful city. But when it gets dark I didn't feel very comfortable. Most of the time we stayed in a hotel in the inner city where all the tourists are, but once we stayed in a hotel in a suburb between DLRP and Paris on the RER railroad and it was really bad. Dirt everywhere, people didn't behave and I have to say I was afraid that they will destroy my car while we were at McDonalds. By the way this was the worst McDonalds experience I have ever had. The food was bad, nothing new at McDo, but kids started to fight inside the restaurants. I was so happy the day after when we arrived at DLRP. Until now I always felt very safe there. I'm not sure if DLRP was built in the right place.

Most of the time we walk at DLP and don't use the bus. In my opinion it is a big advantage for DLRP that everything is in walking distance.


Also I must add, DLP and the US parks also have problems with pick pocketing rings, particularly during things like the parade and fireworks. Keep yourself aware. Also be sure anything of value goes in the safe when you are not arround. The whole area has gangs that take opportunities to steal, with the Disneyland Hotel, Hotel New York, Newport Beach and the MArriott being some of their favorite targets.

Also beware the con men that work the train station, and the rings of pick pockets during the "shows" at the train station.

People should not be scared, but the same level of diligence should be used as you would in any large city.
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We've never had any problems with the security when we have been but there have been times when the security has suddenly stepped up a notch compared to normal. I suppose we just have been immensely lucky but that's not saying that there is still a lack of security. That is to say though that when we went late July this year, on some nights, there were armed soldiers walking about in the area just before you enter both parks and the Disney Village. I felt scared as I had never seen anything like it before, but there must have been something serious for them to be there originally. On the first year, when we were going back to the NPB Hotel for our luggage, there was police presence at the RER train station due to a bomb scare. They stopped all the buses from going to the hotels so my Dad and I had to walk to get the luggage. It was scary and it made it even worse when we could not explain what was going on to my deaf younger sister who was really young at the time. When we asked the CM for assistance and an explanation, they were just rude and not very helpful - not very disney-like.
If we do plan to return to DLRP I hope they step up the security and help to make sure the visitors and tourists are happy. The security checking your bags before you enter the park may be a pain - though not if you stay in the DL hotel - but they are doing it for a reason. That is to say that they could probably step it up a little and maybe put some in the DL hotel or somewhere else nearby so the security can't let something slip.