Mr Ray's Swimming School and a more seamless Toon Studio

Started by Anthony, August 20, 2010, 11:56:51 PM

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Quote from: "lil-shawn"Hmmm maybe they should then rename toon studios into Pixar Studios Playground  :lol:  :lol:

I should hope not. As much as Pixar is a hugge part of Disney's animation, classic, traditional animation should be represented. Thats how the studio started and thats what Walt Disney Animation is (or was) famous for.

Thats why I love the stuggestion of having the Silly Symphony gardens at the entrance - its almost although the animation is becoming more modern as you move through the land.


Quote from: "Anthony"Mr Ray's Swimming School

Everyone remembers the scenes with Crush being like a roller coaster, but weren't the scenes with Mr Ray also a lot like the Flying Carpets/ Dumbo ride system? The fish ride on his back, floating up and down with him around the coral reef. It's the perfect theme for this ride, and will finally give those poor kids too young for Crush's Coaster a chance to ride a real Finding Nemo ride! Mr Ray would be perfect to model into a 4-person ride vehicle.

Replace the filmset backdrop with a spectacular, towering, textured, colourful coral reef with a giant waterfall cascading and splashing over one end. The whole ride area would be dotted with the ensemble cast of fish from Finding Nemo. Every spinning ride needs something at the top, and this ride's Timothy Mouse would surely be Dory, shouting "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!" as you glide around.

The current "green room" queue would become more enclosed, like undersea tunnels (think Tokyo DisneySea's Mermaid Lagoon), with interactive touchscreen/pushbutton games hosted by Mr Ray testing your knowledge of the seas with multiple choice questions in several languages. This would also be the perfect chance to expand the Crush's Coaster queue line further back, with a non-cattlepen design.

Yesterday I was watching "Nemo" on Disney Channel and in that first scene with Mr. Ray I found myself thinking "wouldn't it be great if they made a ride out of that", so I think this is a worderful plan :D  And it would be even more wonderful if it actually happened ;)

Now what if they could remove the movie set theme and reuse the flying carpets in Adventureland! There's already an Aladdin theme there ;)
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i really like this idea. after my recent trip i was left thinking that studios missed the point a bit. the dream of a studio is the characters burst out, but i was left feeling a bit...empty. nemo is one of the greats and it is a great idea. in disneyworld they have finding nemo and that is a perfect idea for studio 3