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Started by disneysuperblanks, June 10, 2013, 11:28:53 AM

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Hi guys,
I'm a new member to this forum but a long-time DLP fan!  :D I have just booked 4 nights/5 days in the Cheyenne on the 9th-13th October - so excited already!  :D/
I know that the park hours aren't up and won't be up for a long time, but I was just wondering if anyone could remember from previous years when the parks are open at this time of the year? Even approximately? I've mostly only been in DLP in January/February, and it closes quite early then.
Also, I've booked half-board for the first time as I got a really good price for it. It says that the half-board tickets can be used as part-payment in restaurants that aren't listed in your half-board option, but does anyone know how this works? I'd love to go to Cafe Mickey for dinner on of the nights I'm there but it isn't listed.
Thanks for any hep given!  :thumbs:
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DLRP: October \'13 Cheyenne


Opening hours from October 2012 can be found here: http://www.dlrpmagic.com/calendar/month ... s/2012/10/

You can use your meal tickets at face value to pay for your meal: Want to dine at a Disney restaurant which isn't included in your chosen plan? No problem — you can exchange your Meal Plan vouchers for their cash value, in Euros (printed on the vouchers), when you pay, meaning you don't lose a cent. (taken from http://www.dlrpmagic.com/planning/dining/meal-plans/ )