"A new special effect on SM:M2 ?!?"

Started by The Butlin Boy, September 04, 2006, 09:32:18 PM

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The Butlin Boy

Can anyone confirm this?

QuoteI was last friday on the resort, and just before the tunnel with the red lights, I discovered a new special effect : a smoke screen with the image of an asteroid !!! It was so great, I really was thinking that we were going to hit it ... As anybody seen this before ? Because I've done SM:M2 many times, but never saw that special effect ... If it's really a new one, it is an almost perfect one, but could be better use on MOM

Can't wait to see that one used on other rides, like on PotC with Davy Jones, or better on Phantom Manor with the Phantom himself :-p
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The smoke screen was always there, it represents the wormhole you're going through to go back to earth.  But the smoke wasn't refilled for quite some time, so maybe that's why it looks new?  :?:

Lightning McQueen

Smoke can make a bit of a difference when light effects are involved,it's much easier to do a projection for example.To be honest,I didn't notice the 'asteroid effect' ,the refill was probably done in the last few weeks. :)
Lightning McQueen


SM:M2 is an odd attraction.  Each ride feels different to any other, but it's not necessarily a good thing - each time you ride you seem to get a random assortment of say 50% of the effects working.  And on every ride, you get a different 50%, so it always seems "new" (or "crap" if none of the good ones work).  They should market it that way... "no trip to the supernova is ever the same!". :lol: