Glow Fest for the Studios

Started by Malin, August 17, 2010, 12:43:06 AM

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So with the opening of Toy Story Playland hours away and the rumoured upcoming Ratatouille dark ride. The Studios is seriously going to have to start thinking about extending park hours, especially during Summer. While I would love to see World of Colour or Fantasmic come to the Studios at some point. I have for the immediate future an idea. Why not introduce a Studios version of the popular Glow Fest. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the concept. Glow Fest is an after hours street party serving alcohol and set to live music with dancers and lighting efects. Its been a suprise hit at Disney California Adventure this year. And has just been annouced will return with a Tron themed makeover later in the year. The party may sound un Disney like but has done a good job over the Summer months of helping to keep Guests inside the park occupied. This sort of concept doesn't involve a lot of effort and could really help to keep the Studios open later in the Summer months.


That's a great idea. I always thought that there should be more events in the parks. When we have been to WDW we attended the "Pirates and Princess Party". You had to buy an extra ticket, but it was really great and definately worth the money. The whole MK park with all major attractions was open until 1am and not just two lands like DLRP did. All CMs were dressed as pirates or princesses, you could meet Disney characters dressed as pirates and the fireworks was great, it was by far the best fireworks I have ever seen. Would be great to see something like that in the future in Paris, too.

Glow Fest looks like a lot of fun and it would be a great addition to the entertainment offered at DLRP.


I agre some hard ticketed events at DLP would be great! Though I'm not sure Glow-fest is a ticketed event, is it? I thought it was just a night time entertainment offering. This could be a cheap soloution to keep the Studios open a couple of hours during summer.


Why not start it small. Studio 1 is located in a soundstage building where most of the lighting and speakers are already in place. You can have  Restaurant en Coulisse serving bearages. You can set up a DJ booth and have dancers. It would really set up a cool party atsmophere. And people can come and go. If it gets to crowded the tables and chairs from the Restaurant could be removed tempory to free up space. I really think this is an inexpensive idea that would be cheap to run and serve the purpose of offering night time entertainment to Park Guests. Management should consider the idea.